11 Sep 2017
Innovative New Service Puts Concept of Virtual Network Bank into Practice

Ettenheim, September 11, 2017

BELLIN, global leader in providing web-based treasury software and services for multinational corporations, welcomes another prominent industry figure to their team: SWIFT’s Sebastian Niemeyer joins BELLIN on September 1, 2017 and will introduce an innovative new service based on the concept of the Virtual Network Bank. As a Senior Sales Manager at SWIFT, Niemeyer was in charge of the BELLIN-SWIFT cooperation for several years before changing to the position of SWIFT Global Key Client Director for Deutsche Bank.

By embarking on the Virtual Network Bank concept, BELLIN is once again leading the industry and pioneering a new financial service. BELLIN’s mission is to create “global transparency in banking communication” by revolutionizing the bank onboarding process for...

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18 Aug 2017

Under the tagline “It’s Treasurytainment.”, the global treasury software and solutions provider BELLIN launches a public online TV platform with a focus on treasury and finance topics.

Today’s treasurers operate at the neuralgic point of their company’s finance department, dynamically supporting all its operations, bearing group-wide responsibility for a vast array of tasks like liquidity planning, risk management or payment processing. In the wake of the market’s ongoing disruptions, treasurers venture into unchartered territory on a daily basis - battling Brexit, fighting fraud, or striving to maintain visibility in times of uncertainty.

BELLIN, the leading global provider of treasury software, services and solutions, has set out to provide these treasurers with an entertaining yet instructive break. With the launch of their new online video platform BELLINTV.com on August 18, the company provides a wide variety of accessible...

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14 Jul 2017

BELLIN is a sponsor of this year’s Annual Conference for the Treasurers Roundtable, a consortium of senior treasury leaders from organizations operating in developing countries, taking place on July 17-18 in Washington DC. The Treasuers Roundtable’s mission of “Advancing Global Development Through Treasury Excellence” aligns perfectly with BELLIN’s commitment to this community.

Since BELLIN’s foundation, the company supports NGOs and social institutions pursuing humanitarian and social objectives with free licenses for the treasury management software tm5. Moreover, BELLIN supports higher education institutions, such as colleges and universities, by offering a significant reduction in license fees.

“Non-governmental organizations face the same complex treasury challenges as other companies. However, they often lack the funds for a web-based treasury solution. BELLIN wishes to help these organizations, ensuring they can make optimum use of their funds to advance...

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8 Jun 2017

This week BELLIN, leading global provider of web-based treasury software and services for multinational businesses, has hit the100 BELLIN SWIFT Service clients mark with Xylem Europe GmbH based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. This is evidence of the great success of the industry-leading BELLIN/SWIFT collaboration and BELLIN’s pragmatic and solution-oriented approach. No other provider has enabled as many businesses to gain access to global banking communication via SWIFT as BELLIN.

BELLIN pioneered the Plug & Play solution directly integrated in their treasury management system tm5, standardizing worldwide banking communication and making it accessible to medium-sized companies. This technology has been recognized on several occasions, including at the FinTech Innovation Awards. BELLIN runs the entire BELLIN SWIFT Service infrastructure in their own dedicated data centers, making them available to customers as a service. With BELLIN, communication via SWIFT has become...

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9 May 2017

Corporate treasury is a multi-faceted discipline that covers anything from liquidity management to intercompany reconciliation, global multi-currency risk management or the optimization of corporate funding. To capture this diversity, Martin Bellin has published “We Love Treasury 2,” the second volume of an anthology featuring client stories and expert articles about treasury.

The first volume of “We Love Treasury” was published in 2011, showcasing outstanding treasury solutions implemented by BELLIN clients. In the meantime, BELLIN’s client portfolio has grown significantly, and so has the importance of treasury. Treasurers have gained clout within their organizations and have been thrust to the forefront of corporate finance, carrying enormous responsibility. “We Love Treasury 2” highlights and recognizes treasurers’ skills and potential and emphasizes best practices as food for thought for other companies aiming for a modern and accomplished treasury.

Martin Bellin...

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