Let the winners of the 2015 Fintech innovation award help you run your treasury

Treasury as a Service (TaaS) provides business process outsourcing for common treasury operations that tie up your treasury capacities. It improves your team’s flexibility by managing and operating the mundane, stressful, or just plain annoying aspects of your treasury operation - leaving your team free of everyday tasks so they can focus on management. We can take over roles in your front middle or back office – or components of each - including but not limited to:

  • Operative maintenance of static data for companies, users or bank accounts as well as regular tm5 system data verification and maintenance
  • Account statement collection and verification for Cash Management purposes or to complete the daily financial status reporting
  • Automation control and error resolution to ensure reliability and security
  • Monitoring the preparation of ongoing group wide liquidity planning
  • Conclusion of FX hedges based on predefined hedge ratios
  • Monitoring and supervision of the multilateral reconciliation process
  • Execution of Netting and transmission of the respective Netting payments

The operations handled under TaaS are flexible and tailored to your needs. We can work with you to determine areas where departmental resources are tied up, and organize transition schemes to move respective tasks to our teams.

Winners of the 2015 award for innovation in treasury management systems, let our company help you develop a more flexible, strategic, and successful treasury management.