BELLIN tm5 Certification

Enhance your System Knowledge

Are you an implementation consultant for BELLIN’s flagship product tm5? Then you now have the opportunity to obtain an official tm5 certification.

Join one of our tm5 certification courses designed and conducted by BELLIN treasury and system experts, get to know tm5 with all its sections and learn some useful tips, tricks and shortcuts. By passing an end-of-course examination, you will be able to proudly call yourself “tm5 certified”. The certification is valid for two years.

Who can enroll?

The courses are aimed at treasury consultants, BELLIN partner companies as well as customer experts involved in the administration, configuration, and operational processes of the system.

Yes, please! Where can I enroll?

Right here and now. By completing the form below, you can enroll in our certification courses. All courses will be offered as blended learning with e-Learning content, recorded web sessions and additional Q&A live web sessions.

I would like to enroll in the following tm5 certification course(s) and make a binding reservation.

    • Get an overview of tm5 and the different sections
    • Gain an understanding of the implementation process and the project management approach of BELLIN
    • Get to know the login & basic tm5 features
    • Learn how to enter and maintain master data
    • Be introduced to rights & compliance topics
    • Discover system & portal settings
    • Grasp additional functionality, such as custom page views, the event calendar, widgets etc.
    Price: € 1,650 / p.p.
    • Discover cash management functionality in tm5
    • Get some useful tips and tricks on cash positioning in tm5
    • Get to know how cash pools are set up and handled in tm5
    • Find out more about the entry of financial instruments
    • Get familiar with basic deal valuation
    • Familiarize yourself with the internal and external trading platforms
    • Get more information about the setup of an efficient settlement process
    • Learn how to enter guarantees
    • Find out everything about long-term liquidity planning in tm5
    • Learn about hedging and funding reports
    • Let us talk you through the reporting possibilities in tm5 like financial status, assets reports etc.
    Price: € 1,650 / p.p.
    • Get an overview of the different communication channels and payment formats and how they interact
    • Get to know how payment projects are handled including the payment implementation process & payment scoping
    • Get familiar with specific payment and the general bank connectivity setup
    • Learn the different possibilities to enter payments in tm5
    • Let us talk about payment fraud prevention
    Price: € 995 / p.p.
    • Get to know the background and intention of the netting concept & the internal and external requirements
    • Get familiar with the reconciliation workflow and setup
    • Gain an understanding about the netting workflow in tm5
    • Find out how to use dispute management
    Price: € 1,650 / p.p.

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