8 Driving Factors for a Lean and Agile Treasury

How to optimize and streamline your corporate finance setup

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Dynamic processes in today’s world need lean and agile organizations. We have compiled 8 driving factors how the treasury department can achieve this goal easily.

1 Agile treasury thanks to simplified global statement collection

For businesses, a daily, group-wide, global financial status can now be a reality. It neither requires tedious manual data entry in Excel nor collecting data from subsidiaries by email.

Corporates can share their very own SWIFT BIC with all the banks they have accounts with worldwide and request to receive their account statements to this address (ideally in an MT940 format). One by one, all their banks are going to adopt this way of communication, and everything else is a question of technological automation.

2 Agile treasury thanks to netting and its effect on FX and cash management

Anyone still processing subsidiary payments as if they were customers or third-party suppliers is missing out on a number of potential benefits. This goes for anything from the reconciliation of invoices, to payments, optimized forward cover and efficient cash management. With the right intercompany netting setup, uncertainty and unknown quantities in relation to the amount, date or contents of a payment quickly become a thing of the past.

3 Agile treasury thanks to integrated IC trade documentation

Almost all group companies make use of intercompany loans – agreed to in writing, by email or by phone. If you’re lucky, the subsidiary in question can still find the agreement or has created an Excel sheet reminding them of their interest payments. If you’re unlucky, the auditor has to go in search of the correct documents, and tax authorities are knocking on your door to establish whether or not everything is compliant with the arm’s length principle. This is exactly the kind of scenario the BELLIN treasury management system can help you prevent: it creates a platform that allows both parties to demonstrate that payment dates, conditions and permissions in connection with IC loans are met and complied with, and that everything is documented properly.

4 Agile treasury thanks to digital matching

Exchanging confirmations for FX and Money Market deals is nothing new: for years, banks have been sending confirmation documents to their customers who had to return a signed copy. Ever since EMIR, this is no longer feasible and no longer makes sense. BELLIN’s treasury management system tm5 offers integrated electronic matching and has automated and digitized deal confirmation – technology that is easily implemented, saves time and identifies any errors in real time, in turn reducing risks.

5 Agile treasury thanks to collaboration and spreading the workload

The principle of Load Balanced Treasury® allows you to organize processes in a way that best meets skills and capacities. Depending on your Treasury Policy, you could for example delegate responsibility for local payments to subsidiaries or share responsibility, based on the permissions defined in the system. You can set the system up so that central treasury is automatically notified whenever they need to intervene – so they have the overview and the control.

The platform-based collaboration simplifies complex tasks, such as liquidity planning, for the whole group. Simply use the chat function to organize intercompany reconciliation and set up regular “information cycles” for funding requirements and the use of funds. This way you can stay on top of cash flows and obtain a quick and efficient overview of liquidity developments and any deviations from the planning scenario – so you are alerted straight away and can always react quickly.

6 Agile treasury thanks to agile reporting

The business world over, reports are considered time-consuming and tedious – but they don’t have to be. With all relevant data already entered and available in the system, you have everything you need to create reports at the touch of a button – tailored to the needs of your businesses. This way, you can keep all stakeholders in the loop directly from your treasury management system without the need for an additional tool.

7 Agile treasury thanks to automated processes

Repetitive user actions and recurring tasks can be done by a technological solution. The automation service schedules and automates recurring treasury tasks, such as market data import, account statement import and export, entering bulk payments or importing deals traded via a trading platform. The system automatically takes over tasks that would normally have to be done by a user. While process automation is not suitable for every task, it is also not necessary to do everything manually, again eating up resources; some tasks can easily be performed by the system.

8 Agile treasury thanks to mobile connectivity and payments authorization

Frequently, your financial challenges no longer play out behind a desk but in transit between business meetings or on your way to and from work. Or you are simply the one in charge of making that final decision based on the data gathered by your trusted team. On top of your agenda: mobile access to clearly presented information, the ability to focus on specific processes, and most importantly the knowledge that all your data and all your processes are secure!

The BELLIN Connect app allows users to access certain tm5 functions to facilitate remote working and to boost security. A straightforward interface presents data clearly, selection and configuration options are streamlined and processes are targeted and accessible.

Product: BELLIN Connect

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