Behind the Scenes of BELLIN: Axel Goedecke

Professional and Personal Commitment in the Same Vein

Author: Sarah Norman

When Axel Goedecke joined BELLIN earlier this year, it was not just the company’s expertise and innovation that attracted him but also the motivation behind them. Martin Bellin founded BELLIN 20 years ago and knew from the get-go that it was to be more than a company pursuing profit and seeking business success. For Martin, the ultimate goal has always been to make a fundamental difference in the world of corporate treasury – and beyond –, inspired by values such as teamgeist – team spirit, stewardship, integrity and respect. Values and an ambition that resonate well with Axel Goedecke, today’s guest Behind the Scenes of BELLIN!

As the new Head of Partner Management, Axel has fully committed himself to pursuing the “BELLIN treasury cause.” But his commitment doesn’t end there. If anything, Axel’s “off treasury duty” commitment is even more impressive. For nearly 5 years, he has been actively supporting the Bobbi Bear Foundation, an organization based near Durban, South Africa, that runs a safe house for sexually abused children from the townships. This even prompted him to set up his own charity organization with some of his friends – aptly named “Friends of Bobbi Bear” – whose support bridges those gaps Bobbi Bear is unable to fill without outside help. To Axel, a career in finance and the pursuit of humanitarian objectives are anything but mutually exclusive – an attitude that finds its echo not only in Martin Bellin’s beliefs from two decades ago but in today’s corporate philosophy.

The world of finance from all angles

That said, Axel’s background in finance is as solid as can be. He began his career as a banker before moving on to financial consulting, first with Schwabe, Ley & Greiner and later with Horváth & Partners. Having approached the world of finance from these two very different angles – banking and consulting – Axel then decided to swap sides yet again and tackle things from a system vendor perspective. This is what led him to BELLIN.

His position at BELLIN is one where drawing on the combined experience of banking, consulting and system technology certainly comes in handy. After all, BELLIN’s vision of making a fundamental difference in the world of corporate finance would never be possible without the strength and support of several partner companies around the world. Their local know-how and experience are valued greatly – so much so that BELLIN has decided to appoint a dedicated Partner Manager to coordinate these efforts and to give all partners a central port of call. Enter Axel – equipped with the necessary financial expertise and the networking and communication skills of a former consultant!

Partner Management: paths converging in South Africa

BELLIN’s four main partners span the globe from east to west and from north to south: Core Process Finance & Treasury AB in Sweden, FIERTE in Japan, Enigma Consulting in the Netherlands and SALE CAPITAL in South Africa. Each of them facilitates BELLIN’s access to important markets and have proven invaluable in addressing the needs of a steadily growing international customer base. To Axel, working with partner companies presents a number of great advantages,

Each of these four partners represents an invaluable asset to BELLIN. Axel enjoys working with all of them and is committed to each of these international connections. Yet working closely with South Africa brings his professional and personal commitment full circle. While his role as part of the BELLIN Community brings him great professional fulfillment, his “family” and his personal fulfillment are the around 60 disadvantaged children that receive help from the Friends of Bobbi Bear Foundation every day.

Meet Axel – meet Bobbi Bear

As chairman of the registered non-profit organization, Axel and his team of other volunteers help raise money that goes towards maintaining safe houses and enabling the child safety officers on the ground to support the many abused children that seek shelter from them. They provide practical help, for example in the form of medical and psychological support as well as food or school uniforms. Center stage takes Bobbi Bear – a cuddly bear which comes in many colors that provides both comfort and a canvas for the children to draw on as a means of processing their traumatic experiences. These drawings later serve as evidence in court and give the children a voice where they might not otherwise dare to speak up. Axel regularly travels to South Africa to see the children and to find out how things are progressing.

Axel is passionate about treasury and excited to be a part of the BELLIN Community, and he deeply cares about his “Bobbi Bear family.” So in the spirit of teamgeist, BELLIN has also opted to support Axel in his endeavors by becoming a corporate sponsor. When it comes to commitment and values, we’re all family!

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