Behind the Scenes of BELLIN: Dr. Wolfgang Kalthoff

The New Kid on the Block
Anja Biehler author pictureAuthor: Anja Biehler

The BELLIN team keeps growing and now counts over 160 people, with a number of new faces having joined in the last year. “Behind the Scenes of BELLIN” introduces you to the team that makes BELLIN’s innovative financial solutions and services happen and whose dedicated work ensures treasurers, financial organizations and banks are always perfectly equipped to operate and strategize. Today, let us introduce you to Dr. Wolfgang Kalthoff, BELLIN’s CTO!

“The New Kid on the Block”– this is the headline that Wolfgang chose for a post on BELLIN’s global, internal communication platform to say hello to his new team in October 2017. Five modest words that say a lot about the man whose role as Chief Technical Officer puts him in charge of the overall technological setup and strategy at BELLIN – from product management, to development, to service & support. The modest words of a down-to-earth man that mirror his unpretentious approach to his work and encapsulate his firm belief that success is always teamwork.

Roots on the Indian subcontinent

Wolfgang has an impressive track record in building successful teams. His role as VP Software Developer for SAP for example saw him lead teams in India and Bulgaria all the way from Germany. Later, he became the manager of a software company and masterminded a cloud-ready, wireless solution with a specific focus on security. And while he was at it, he also set up a whole new office in Bangalore, India – from scratch and almost by the by. Transcending boundaries is something Wolfgang learned from an early age, and India in particular has a special place in his heart. When he was little, his father relocated the whole family to India to set up a leprosy control program. Wolfgang grew up in India and Nepal – somewhat “exotic” countries for the traditional German mindset – and also learned how to transcend and break down mental barriers: with knowledge and with action.

Breaking new ground

“Building something completely new fascinates me so much more than milking a project of those last few drops of optimization potential” – this is how Wolfgang puts into words what drives him. Yet he brings careful consideration to everything he does. “I have great respect for the unfamiliar. But if I know where I want to go and how I can get there, I don’t need to see my destination. I can rely on my abilities and simply get going.” This spirited approach has enabled Wolfgang to go far – not just when it comes to his career, but also as a passionate amateur sailor, where it took him all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Boundaries do not hold Wolfgang back: having obtained his PhD in physics, he started his career at SAP, advancing software development, software architecture and project management. For two years, he headed the development team in India as a Director. And while he was working, he also completed an Executive MBA degree, to go on and found an organization specializing in payments.

Major focus IT security

It is when Wolfgang feels that his work has taken him too far from his original passion that he happily returns to his development roots. His new favorite project: IT security. He understands the processes that power IT technology, can get excited about firewalls and ISO 27k certifications, and so he starts building information security systems.

And how did his path lead Wolfgang to BELLIN? “Joining the BELLIN team is the perfect opportunity for me to put my expertise, my experience and my skills to optimum use and help shape the next chapter of the company’s journey,” he explains. And only a few months into the job, he has been able to reinforce BELLIN’s steadfast globalization efforts:“We deliver technology that enables people the world over to work together perfectly. I know how I can lead teams and help them to successfully drive product development. The BELLIN approach of ‘co-working without boundaries’ is taking hold in our technology teams – an approach mirrored in the concept of Load Balanced Treasury that has revolutionized work on the user side.”

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