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Before the holidays, we introduced BELLIN Vantage, our most recent foray into treasury analysis. Today I want to highlight how having key metrics at a glance gives you the ability to make more intuitive decisions about your finances – even with just the information available from tm5.

Vantage lets you quickly and easily make important decisions about your treasury, with visualizations of key financial data and performance indicators. Custom reports can be developed, but by default, you choose from our default collection of reports. These work in unison to give you the ability to quickly comprehend the complex information in your treasury.

Global Account Balance by Country

The Global Account Balance by Country report helps you tell where your money is, globally. As this trend changes, keeping an eye on the size of the various slices helps you understand potential shortages that may occur in a region.

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Cash by Currency

The Cash by Currency report is the sister report to Global Account Balance by Country. This can be especially useful when combined with other reports (for example, the Global Account Balance by Country report) as it helps highlight assumptions from data. For example, a large amount of money in Canada might make you assume high CAD reserves. With Cash by Currency, you may realize that those reserves are, in fact, USD. These kinds of quick glance realizations can save a comic misunderstanding.

Cash by Value Center

Cash by Value Center is the last of the cash pie graphs available from the default stable. When combined with Cash by Region and Cash by Currency you get a holistic view of where your money is, with little more than a glance

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Operation vs. Deposit (global view)

The Operation vs. Deposit report lets you compare available cash to deposits and restricted cash. Displaying this data by region, this chart becomes useful to have, especially next to Global Account Balance by Country.

Global Account Balance by Bank

Global Account Balance by Bank is another useful way to analyze your balances. Obviously, just the balances themselves aren’t particularly useful in this view, but a regular look at your dashboard will show how these numbers move in relation to each other, enabling the realization of trend or potential problem occurring with a particular account.

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Projected Cash Balance by Region

Projected Cash Balance by Region lets you visualize your cash balance development over time. By using a projected view you can quickly compare projected to actuals.

Operation vs. Deposit (Global View)

View operational/deposit balances by Region. This helps you understand where your money is based on value centers. The category split enables further insight into your liquidity at each value center.

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Top 5 global account balances showing local vs. group currency (the “where is my money” report)

View your top 5 Global Account Balances by entity, reported in Local and Group Currency.  This helps you understand where your money is, based on legal entity. Combine this with the pie charts discussed above to understand how local entities play into the composition of your available cash.

From reports to management to presentations on current financial position and strategic decision making, the data Vantage provides lets you better understand and communicate the state of your treasury. You will find it quickly becomes the key health indicator for your treasury, letting you make sense of the enormous amount of data you collect.

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