Corporate Treasury Consulting: System Implementation and Ongoing Support

Long-lasting treasury success relies on the strategic synergy of team-spirit and industry expertise.
Michael Juen author pictureAuthor: Michael Juen

In a similar article, “TMS Success Factor: Treasury System Provider and Consulting” we explored how consultants can contribute to the success of a project before a TMS or treasury tool is selected. In the realm of corporate treasury consulting, pre-project selection is only half the battle.

But what happens after the ideal solution is selected?

In this post, I take a closer look at the next stage in the relationship between the technology provider and the customer, specifically in relation to corporate treasury consulting. Generally, the system should provide the right long-term support through the various stages of a company’s development, from dynamic growth or mergers to large scale multinationals. However, there can be many pitfalls on the path from deciding on the system you want to successfully using it across the whole corporate group. Thankfully, we constructed a smart, tried and tested approach to ensuring customers receive the best support possible at every stage: leading to the amazing synergy of team-spirit and industry expertise.

You’ll never walk alone – experts in every position

On the face of it, team sports and corporate treasury may seem to have little in common. But I am a passionate soccer fan and there is a message in the song title made famous by the supporters of Liverpool FC: the team’s unofficial anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” reflects precisely the philosophy I think must be embraced to ensure customers experience lasting success. Indeed, successful sports teams must have good players in every position, each with the skills commensurate with their role and who gel well as a team. Similarly, system providers need experts each with specialist knowledge in a particular area in order to provide their customers with the best guidance possible – and of course a healthy dose of team spirit.

Corporate treasury consulting line-up: consulting, ongoing support, relationship management

Here at BELLIN, the ideal line-up that leads to a holistic and effective corporate treasury consulting experience involves 3 general functions: consulting, ongoing support, and relationship management. The names or roles may differ elsewhere or may even be stretched into more roles but we see this as the perfect synergy of teamwork.

The first step in your consulting experience follows the project initiation. During implementation and throughout the project lifecycle, your dedicated consultants provide assistance and guidance that are finely tuned to your specific company.

Secondly, customer and application support ensure the technology operates securely and smoothly on the provider’s side, for example in relation to server security and upgrades in the background. They resolve difficulties which the customer may encounter when using the technology, such as failed login attempts.

Lastly, your relationship manager acts as your overarching point of contact, available to connect you with customer and application support or consulting based on your needs. Your relationship manager acts as the intermediary and helps you determine what your needs may be, including the potential for requiring additional functionality.

Winning the game: the right team of experts for every job

The best option is to choose a provider which offers the full range of experts required and can put together the perfect team for you to based on each project. The 3 core functions that encompass your consulting experience work in tandem, and your relationship manager acts as the goalkeeper that connects all the bridges.

Scenario 1: Looking to add an additional module to your existing contract? In that case, first up to bat is your relationship manager, who will connect you to a sales representative to find a package that works for you.

Scenario 2: Need a group-wide rollout of the system at a later date? Then the playmaker is an expert from Consulting, who participates in the project management process, preparing the individual stages in conjunction with a member of your team, and subsequently provides guidance for the rollout.

Scenario 3: Decided to centralize your company’s global payments and introduce in-house banking? Gather together the relevant experts from Consulting and devise the best combination of banking portfolio, connectivity, payment format, etc. for your company and you can be sure that your project will be successfully completed on time.

BELLIN’s consulting is a team effort that is both flexible and dedicated.

BELLIN puts its customers at the heart of all it does and has carefully selected and assembled its team of experts to meet its customers’ needs. We are therefore always able to call on the right experts for the job, ensuring the best result is achieved: treasury that moves our customers forward. Our customers’ success is the keystone of our own growth and an opportunity to build on twenty years of experience in treasury solutions.

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