New Treasury Partnerships and the Future of the TMS

TMI podcast with BELLIN, Coupa and Simply Treasury
Ron Jaradat author pictureAuthor: Ron Jaradat

The future of treasury is now

As treasurers, we love forecasting. We apply that love, not just to financial data, but to our roles as treasurers in the world around us. Naturally, the role of the treasurer within a corporation has evolved very much recently with COVID-19 bringing key areas like risk and fraud prevention to the forefront.

Where does it go from here? How can we predict or forecast the trajectory?

TMI’s Eleanor Hill invites Donna Wilczek, SVP, Product Strategy and Innovation, Coupa Software; François Masquelier, CEO and Founder, Simply Treasury; and Martin Bellin, CEO and Founder, BELLIN to talk all things TMS. Given the increasingly strategic role of the treasurer in today’s disrupted financial landscape, our guests consider how evolving TMS requirements are incentivising corporates to invest in specialist software. They also explore the notion of an ‘on demand’ ecosystem of treasury technology.

Here is a direct link to the episode.

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