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Today, we’re all proud to introduce the newest addition to the BELLIN product family: Vantage. Part software, part consulting, Vantage lets you see your treasury’s most important data at a glance, with customizable graphs available either at the click of a button or on schedule. Quickly and easily make important decisions about your treasury, with visualizations of key financial data and performance indicators. Vantage allows you to mine the depths of your treasury data and distill it into stunning visuals and timely reports.

Monitor the status of your treasury at a glance

By providing you with visualizations of key financial data, Vantage plays a crucial role in your analysis of key health indicators for your treasury.  Each chart details one indicator of your treasury, with the option to drill down for more information. These charts can be any of our pre-built “stable of charts”, or custom KPIs and metrics developed in cooperation with our treasury consultants.

Scheduled reports

Work with BELLIN consultants to develop an in-depth collection of treasury metrics and KPIs, then schedule the distribution of reports. You can use this to deliver monthly reports to higher-ups, send updated numbers to specific members of your department, or even achieve “Treasury in your Pocket” with regular updates delivered to your inbox, no matter where you are.

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Get deeper insight into your global cash position by highlighting the disposable vs cash which may be restricted.

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Visualize your cash balance development over time to determine if you can make more efficient use of your cash balances.

How it works

As an add-on to any new or existing tm5, Vantage will allow you to see your most important data at a glance. Available to not only the central treasury but all of your subsidiaries, Vantage respects the pre-existing user rights of tm5, showing data only to those users who should see it. The visuals can be used individually for ad-hoc reports or combined into a report for scheduled distribution.

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The Cash By Currency widget allows you to make easier and more accurate decisions about your currency requirements.

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