Navigating Your Way Through Cybersecurity

How to take stock of your cyber defenses and play an active role in preventing and mitigating cybercrime in treasury

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You’ve seen the statistics and read the news. Cybercrime isn’t going away. It’s proliferating. In response, you may hear people at your organization saying things like, “We need to be more secure.”

But what does “more secure” actually mean?

In some ways, “more secure” can serve as a quantifiable benchmark. You could, for example, think about it in terms of the number and types of authentication tools your organization uses or the people who review and access your most sensitive treasury data. “More secure” could also help frame your discussions around your treasury management technology and systems. Is moving to the cloud, for instance, an improvement over using your own IT infrastructure? Are automated processes less susceptible to fraud than manual ones? And finally, “more secure” can be applied to your treasury’s processes as a whole. What could be standardized, for example, to help subsidiaries safely transmit to and share data with a central treasury? Which parts of your audit processes could be improved?

“More secure” is where you want to end up, but what about the journey there? Every organization is set up differently and faces different challenges and milestones along the path. Keep the end goal in mind – obviously – but you must first have a clear understanding of your current situation before you can decide what steps to take.

Guide: Navigating Your Way Through Cybersecurity

We’re here to help you take ownership of your role in preventing and mitigating cybercrime in treasury. Learn more about what you can do now, and how a vendor can help, so you can stay vigilant but also stay focused on strategic, value-added activities.

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If you’re looking for straightforward guidance on what you can do right now, this compact guide is for you. Focusing on three key cybersecurity challenges in treasury today, the guide shows you how to get started on your cybersecurity journey and describes the valuable support you can expect from a treasury management vendor.

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