New Publication with Martin Bellin

FinTechs - Disruptive Geschäftsmodelle im Finanzsektor
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Sarah Norman author pictureAuthor: Sarah Norman

We would like to announce the publication of “FinTechs – Disruptive Geschäftsmodelle im Finanzsektor” (FinTechs – Disruptive Business Models in the Financial Sector) published by Victor Tiberius and Christoph Rasche of Potsdam University as part of the “Edition Bankmagazin.” The book features various articles by industry experts, including BELLIN’s Martin Bellin who elaborates on the history of web-based treasury, the role of technology and the disruptive potential of FinTech solutions:

“We’re now on the cusp of a fundamental disruption of processes and industries. These changes will have far-reaching consequences for the industries in industrial nations. FinTech addresses issues that have either not been resolved yet or where there are fundamentally new approaches that completely change processes and the way people think and work.”

The book was published in German by Springer Gabler and is available in shops and online at

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