The evolution of BELLIN

Martin Bellin author pictureAuthor: Martin Bellin

On April 1st, almost exactly 16 years ago, I bought my first computer. On it, I started to develop the software package that would become the basis of BELLIN. Everything was done from scratch, not only software development but also the office – a tiny corner of our living room. I was still working as a treasurer during day time and stayed up late at night to create our first application.

It did not take long to leave the boundaries of the core market in Germany – where we had made our first steps. We’d merely expanded to Switzerland, but it indicated that we were already growing, going international.

In the next years BELLIN grew, both in the number of customers and in the number of employees. We became a team serving a number of corporations. This was the time when our marketing, our brand, who we are, took a distinctive shape. The yellow square with the simple name BELLIN representing sunshine and happiness contrasted against the dreary colors, the dreary world of the players in the financial market. That logo became an icon of what we do today.

Over 10 years later we have reached a new level of globalization. Over 25,000 people from almost every country in the world use our applications on a daily basis. People from almost every country in the world are learning from our consultants, benefiting from our services. Customers in the Americas, Europe, Asia – they all put their financial processes in our hands and rely on us for payment processing, management, and more. More than five hundred billion dollars have been processed through our payment servers in 2014 alone. In 2015, more than 50 corporations will be using our integrated SWIFT Service for their global banking communications, and BELLIN will become one of the biggest SWIFT providers for corporates worldwide.

In light of this, the marketing we used, the brand we represented when our international campaign spread across the German-speaking nations did not seem so fitting any more.

We have evolved from a German company to an international company, but we still have roots in Germany. We maintain the values of this origin, the pride in the quality of our processes that make German companies renowned worldwide.  But we are now international, we are serving corporations from completely different cultures, and we must take their individual backgrounds and mentalities into careful consideration.

Despite our differences, we know that all people in treasury share a common experience: we want to see treasury recognized at the board level, to bring it into the light. Even today, this profession and this department are strategic parts of the financial operation in only very few companies and far too few people even know what treasury does.

We want to change that.

Combining our values, our passion and our longing for innovation, we have looked within ourselves to find what it is that really represents us, and in so doing found that we are driven by a fundamental desire to delight multinational organizations with the next great idea. To lead corporate treasury forward, to move it to the next level of recognition. We want to empower treasurers to be an integrated part of the strategic financial management of their corporate group. And we want to achieve this together with our customers whom we are dedicated to because… we love treasury.

Looking into the future, we want everybody to know what it is we do. We create one thing:

Treasury that Moves You.

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