Treasury Barometer 2017

by Enigma and Rabobank
Enigma Consulting author pictureAuthor: Enigma Consulting

Enigma – BELLIN’s partner in the Netherlands –, in cooperation with Rabobank, has developed the Treasury Barometer, an independent report for and by treasurers. This report, based on a survey conducted in mid-2017, presents the key results of the survey and outlines the latest trends and developments in corporate treasury. In doing so, it has created a platform for treasurers to share what really matters to them and offers a unique and representative understanding of the Dutch corporate treasury landscape.

The treasury function plays a critical role in many large organizations. Dynamic financial markets, regulations, new technology and banking infrastructure continually challenge treasurers to deliver new and better ways of adding value to their business. As a result, the role of the treasurer has been evolving. In the past, treasury was highly dependent on manual tasks, e.g. collecting basic data as input for completing daily activities. Nowadays, supported by highly automated and integrated processes, treasurers are able to focus on more strategic decisions.

An Editor Panel, consisting of corporate treasurers, was established to help determine the direction of the Treasury Barometer 2017 and to monitor its quality and relevance. The report identifies valuable insights that are then analyzed in more detail. For example, the results indicate that while companies consider political instability one of today’s biggest risks, Financial Risk Management (FRM) seems to receive less attention than could be presumed based on this finding. The report therefore proceeds to provide some tips on how to approach FRM differently.

Moreover, respondents comment on the question of whether or not Notional Pooling is set to survive. The Treasury Barometer also features interviews with companies that look at the impact of new legislation and regulations on treasury, for example IFRS9 and Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS). Another topic picked up by the report is the influence of KYC, payment screening and filtering on the bank relation and bank selection criteria. Last but not least, the Treasury Barometer looks at the impact of cyber risk on treasury, completed by an outlook on the future of the financial landscape.

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The Treasury Barometer is for and by treasurers. Enjoy!

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