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This week the AFP and Bloomberg released their annual Treasury Management System Survey. This survey of over 350 organizations provides a deeper look into the trials and tribulations of treasury departments over the world, as they deal with the increasing role that technology plays in their everyday lives.

The findings are a mix of completely unsurprising and entirely left field. On one hand 71% of respondents who had a TMS reported their cash visibility was between good and very good. But then, corporations under $1 billion in revenue responded that they were less likely to be using a TMS – with only 13% of companies under $250 million using a TMS at all – due to the fact that the benefits aren’t worth the fees, which I find somewhat unbelievable (maybe this is where I can shamelessly plug our lack of per-user fees). These numbers make a little more sense, however, when you see that of the respondents with a TMS, 73% of them were using expensive ERP systems and their plugins, or weighty and pricy installed systems.

It appears that despite the hype, SaaS treasury systems are still relatively unused – only 27% of the overall market.

Some more surprising stats:

  • Only 23% of respondents are new to TMSs, with only 10% having had a treasury system for 1 year or less.
  • An insane 27% have been using their current treasury management system for more than 8 years.
  • Only 54% of TMS users currently use the most recent version (there’s another selling point for a SaaS system)
  • Only 24% of respondents’ treasury systems had a fully automated connection to SWIFT
  • A whopping 33% had no connection to SWIFT at all.

For more juicy details about the world of treasury check out the report itself at AFP Online’s Survey Research & Economic Data website.

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