Your TMS Business Case, Part 2

Real-life examples of how companies successfully use a TMS – BELLIN success stories
Wolfgang  Frontzek author pictureAuthor: Wolfgang Frontzek

Sometimes what works on paper and what works in real life can be worlds apart. Sometimes what separates them is a difficult journey. And sometimes all you need is the right role model. A few days ago, we outlined how finance departments can best convince management to invest in a TMS. Today, we introduce a few companies who have done just that, and who have successfully bridged the gap between theory and reality: this is how these BELLIN clients use their TMS in a way that makes the entire company more successful. Because who would be better placed to judge how specifically the TMS benefits the organization than the treasurer? Here is what they have to say – use their stories to back up your business case!

Filip Loveniers, Group Treasurer, Greenyard fresh holding BE: 
The robust technology and enhanced functionality of BELLIN’s tm5 provides treasury users greater visibility into their cash flows, which in turn drives reductions in finance and operational costs as well as working capital requirements.

Phil Scott | Group Treasurer, Ferguson Group Services & Royston Da Costa | Assistant Group Treasurer, Wolseley
Systems can provide optimum support when it comes to saving money, being more efficient and improving visibility, compliance and control. BELLIN has enabled us to achieve just that and the future benefits will be even greater. In our search for system support we came across a number of solutions that simply were not what we were looking for. They were either too small or not state-of-the-art and you were left with the impression that you had to get

involved in the actual programming to get the result you were after. Or they were too big and really only catered to the requirements of large multinational groups with treasury departments counting 70+ employees. What we need is expert know-how, and state-of-the-art functionality that does the job, combined with software and services that are flexible and meet our needs. ​

Thomas Schlesing | Leiter Group Treasury, SCHÜCO International KG 
With tm5, we implemented a platform that supports the treasury at Schüco efficiently and professionally, and optimally supports the limited resources of a medium-sized company.

David Flory | Head of Group Cash Management, HeidelbergCement AG
The modular design of tm5 was very accommodating for us to build an integrated treasury. We were able to simplify a variety of tasks, improve internal processes, and substantially increase efficiency.

BELLIN has implemented projects with over 500 companies and portrayed some of them in success stories. Just have a look at these examples and use them to your advantage. You can find more case studies and success stories on our website. These are all real-life examples that put meat on the theoretical bones of part 1 of this article and can fill your business case propositions with life.

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