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Innovative Payments​

Toshiba’s name stands for one of the leading and most innovative companies in the high technology and electronics industry. The European business of the technology giant is broadly based. This applies to both Toshiba Europe’s product portfolio and its financial apparatus – 20 national companies maintain 78 accounts in 14 currencies at 34 banks. All this and various cash pools with a total liquidity of several hundred million euros are managed in the Neuss headquarters.

The Challenge

Toshiba has long trusted BELLIN and tm5 for efficient cash management and planning. In a first step, Toshiba Europe increased transparency and optimized its management of the numerous accounts and various cash pools for the different group companies. As the next step, the group decided to strengthen its corporate network by integrating payment transactions. Toshiba Europe GmbH expected that automated, cross-border connections to banks would generate substantial efficiency gains both for its headquarters and for national offices.

The Solution

The LMPayment component of tm5 is a comprehensive payment solution that uses standard transmission protocols to offer Toshiba automated bank connections independent of country borders. Connections to the group’s two main banks in Germany as well as to a Swiss bank were set up right away in the initial phase. Toshiba Europe and the BELLIN consultants were able to complete all necessary system-specific configurations within just two days. They designed and implemented role concepts, assigned system-side signature authorizations and processed initial test payments. tm5 successively replaces previously employed single payment solutions as more banks are being integrated into the platform step by step. Toshiba now has a comprehensive payment factory. The solution supports multi-country and multi-bank transactions and is suitable for both cross-border and domestic payments. Today, Toshiba Europe relies on tm5 for innovative electronic banking of tomorrow.


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