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To all the innovators, out-of-the-box-thinkers and pioneers out there: join the BELLIN family. Our passion is technology, our contagious enthusiasm drives our creative engine, and our people are simply the best.

Whether you are a pre-graduate looking to supplement your studies, a young professional with a few years of experience, or a seasoned professional that is a master in their industry, BELLIN has a place for you. With onboarding meetings, new-employee bootcamps, and cross-department training, prospective team members are assisted with all of the tools to find their rhythm and prosper with BELLIN.

Kick-start your career, find a new challenge or wield your decades of expertise.

24. October 2018

Recruiting-Messe der Hochschule Offenburg
Stand 11

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24. October 2018

CareerContacts Karlsruhe
Stand 34

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7. November 2018

Hochschulkontaktbörse Furtwangen
Stand C 0/1

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16. November 2018

Marktplatz Arbeit Freiburg
Stand 507

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21. November 2018

Studieninformationstag DHBW Lörrach
Stand S133

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What actually is Treasury?

Looking to fulfill your lifelong dream of launching a career in Treasury? Did you just Google “Treasury”? We have more in common than you think. In simple terms, Treasurers act as financial gatekeepers, ensuring the corporation has the funds to manage day-to-day obligations while simultaneously helping develop long term strategies and policies. As companies grow and expand globally, so does their spending. Someone must keep track of it all. Treasury!

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At BELLIN, we strive to bring joy to our multinational clients with innovative solutions and consultancy expertise that optimizes the performance of their businesses.

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We’ve been honored with a host of coveted industry awards over the past two decades in a journey that has brought delight to treasuries across the globe.

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