BELLIN is a global leader in providing treasury management consulting, software and services with a number of subsidiaries and partner companies. In 150 countries BELLIN currently supports over 400 corporate groups and businesses with around 25,000 companies and over 50,000 users. BELLIN’s web-based software, tm5, serves all corporate treasury functions.

Payments Specialists

Job Profile

We offer challenging domestic and international payments projects that match your professional experience, implementing and developing our solutions. This includes connecting existing payments solutions to banks and companies in various formats and national standards. You provide your expertise as our port of call for internal and external partners and are responsible for project coordination, again showcasing your skills, oversight and confidence. You will receive intensive training and an induction to our “philosophy” and technology, and we look forward to your input on further developments of our sophisticated software solutions.

Your skills and requirements

  • Enthusiasm for challenging and complex tasks
  • Strong interest in financial technologies and IT
  • Ability to work independently and show initiative
  • Good English skills and project management experience
  • Motivation to familiarize yourself with the world of treasury and payments
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Ettenheim, Germany
Full-time / 40h week
Start date
Contact person
Katja Himmelspach-Welte

+49 7822 4460-650

Tullastraße 19
77955 Ettenheim