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Treasury and Bank Connectivity Solutions: The Definitive Guide

Utilizing treasury technology to maximize cash management and security.

Treasurers are aware of the expanding volume of responsibilities involved in their day-to-day. Despite this, funds transfers remain a key duty for treasury, and one of the more tedious tasks at that. Taking this into account, treasury practitioners find themselves rummaging for solutions to streamline or automate as many payment workflows as possible. The goal: to allocate more of their time to roles that focus on strategy rather than execution.

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Treasury and Risk Management Systems: The Definitive Guide

Utilizing treasury technology to maximize efficiency.

Treasury technology is increasingly important in the finance industry. Primitive forms of treasury management systems (TMS) were unrealistic for treasurers as they were expensive and had limited functionality. Suffice to say, the industry has experienced significant growth and today, companies of all sizes or market caps can find a solution that fits their needs. Whether it is cash management, payments or risk management, treasurers have options for products with varying functionality.

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