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Maximizing return on investment on your TMS
T&R Special Report | Oct 2020

Combining the perfect-fit treasury management system with a maximum-value implementation makes the most of you system. Read on to discover what a best-practice implementation looks like and what you can do to support it.

Running a Virtual Treasury – Get Yourself Connected
TMI | Sep 2020

What makes a successful virtual treasury and how can you use a TMS as your treasury’s foundation? We explore priorities, challenges and best practices.


Spot the Difference: Isn't Every TMS the Same?
TMI | May 2020

Is functionality everything when it comes to vendor selection? Michael Juen, Chief Customer Officer, BELLIN, explains why personalised TMS advisory services might be just as valuable as technical capabilities.


The Truth About Treasury and Artificial Intelligence
TMI | Apr 2020

Artificial intelligence has been hyped in treasury for some time. But where does it really make sense and what will these technical developments mean for treasury?


Why remote treasury consulting will be beneficial long after COVID-19 has been defeated
Treasury Today | Apr 2020

Although the idea of delivering implementation guidance and treasury advice remotely is not new, the current unprecedented global crisis has generated a surge in demand for remote consulting that will be long-lasting, as Bellin’s Consulting Director, Katja Franz, and Head of Consulting & Implementation, Michael Bach, explain.


KI als K.o. für den Treasurer
Der Treasurer | Mar 2020

In which areas can AI be used in treasury? Are treasurers doomed because of these new technologies? Nikolai Diekert analyzes the potential of AI in treasury and explains what is already possible today.

Scope Management in Finance
bobsguide | Feb 2020

A scoping session is a very useful and targeted way of ensuring you know the full scope of treasury functionality on offer and how it aligns with your processes. Find the right TMS and optimize your processes


Alles API oder was?
DerTreasurer | Dec 2019

How are new technologies shaping treasury? What impact do they have on speeding up payment processing? And what would it mean to have instant access to account balances through APIs. BELLIN expert Karsten Kiefer takes a closer look.

Open Banking and APIs: transforming the future of treasury
Treasury Today | Nov 2019

How are open banking and APIs going to transform the future of treasury? Karsten Kiefer takes a closer look at developments and their likely impact on both payments and cash management.


Turning your TMS into a Ferrari
TMI | Oct 2019

Consulting and implementation guidance are vital parts of any treasury management system roll-out. After all, any system is only ever as good as its users and the workfows surrounding it. But how can treasurers get the most bang for their buck when it comes to TMS consulting – and are there convincing arguments for a no-guidance approach?


Try before you buy: Finding the best TMS using a demo system
The Global Treasurer | Sep 2019

If you are looking for a treasury management system that really adds value and is best suited to your company, you need the courage to change – and a demo system that gives you the confidence that you are making the right decision, explains Chrstin Kauschat from BELLIN.

A Treasury Management Sidekick on the Go
Business Trends NL | Aug 2019

How does the SWIFT gpi for Corporates initiative support corporate treasurers? Business Trends NL takes a closer look at BELLIN's TMS-integrated solution with its many benefits.

Quantifying the Value of a Treasury Management System
Treasury & Risk | Aug 2019

How do you quantify the value of a treasury management system? The answer is far from straightforward, but there is a general list of ways in which a TMS will always add value to any business: from time savings to optimized liquidity and fraud protection. This is a comprehensive overview.

A Total Rundown of Treasury Management System Costs
Treasury & Risk | Aug 2019

Treasury management projects come with a number of risks and costs. This is why TCO calculations are critical to determine direct and indirect costs. However, the cost of a single instance of fraud, or another major problem caused by a company’s use of insufficient or outdated treasury technology, can far exceed the TCO of a new treasury management system.

Building Bridges to the Data Prize
TMI | Interview between Eleanor Hill and Martin Bellin | Jun 2019

In this interview with TMI’s Eleanor Hill, Martin Bellin talks about the gap between corporations’ needs and the services offered to them. He casts an eye to the future and the new technologies making their way into the treasury sector, while at the same time pointing out the enormous potential existing solutions pose if leveraged better.

Schöne Ansicht
Der Treasurer | Shaahin Mohammadi, Teut Deese | Jun 2019

How do you optimize a TMS’s UX design in order to improve the user flow and provide cash managers with an evolutionary degree of efficiency and security? By turning it upside down, for example, and attaining an entirely new level of process automation.

Case study: BELLIN and Mubea drive automotive market
bobsguide | Mar 2019

Discover how Mubea, the German multinational automotive parts producer, utilized tm5 to expedite payment transactions worldwide, covering a variety of banks and supporting the specific cash management demands of a variety of jurisdictions.


Successfully navigating your treasury through a carve-out
The Global Treasurer | Matthias Deschner | Mar 2019

Carve-outs shape new organizational structures, divested from larger structures. What does this mean for treasury? These are the short- and long-term measures you should take.

Functionality or processes - a chicken or egg issue?
The Global Treasurer | Nikolai Diekert, Philipp Friedrich | Feb 2019

What is more important in a treasury management system implementation: functionality or processes? We look into why you need the right functionality as well as corresponding workflows and processes. Far from mutually exclusive, the two interact and complement each other.

Burying the intercompany hatchet
The Global Treasurer | Jan 2019

Intercompany trade can be complicated. Unresolved disputes between subsidiaries due to unpaid invoices can drag on for years. The solution: a standardized and system-based dispute management process as part of a netting process.


Transparent project management key to successful treasury implementation
Bobsguide | Michael McCaw | Jan 2019

New bobsguide case study: how BELLIN client Douglas transformed their corporate treasury thanks to project management and a structured implementation process to achieve complete financial visibility.


Cash optimization with multi-currency and virtual accounts
Bobsguide | Frank Song & Richard Sun | Dec 2018

In one of our articles featured in Bosbuide titled: Cash Optimization with Multi-currency and Virtual Accounts, discover how the utility of multi-currency accounts meshed with virtual accounts caters to the demand for balance consolidation and account rationalization, as well as the hurdles involved with notional pooling.


How technology makes bank fee analysis cost-efficient
The Global Treasurer | Marcin Cichon | Nov 2018

Bank fee analysis remains a mundane yet extremely important topic for treasurers. In this piece, we dive into how technology has made bank fee analysis more precise and time-efficient, and what the future of technological innovation may yield.


Implementing a netting solution
bobsguide | Alexander Schächtele | Nov 2018

This Bobsguide article sheds light on how a netting system can be the perfect solution for treasurers to maximize efficiency and reduce fees with intercompany commerce. The following 2-part series will cover the basics of a netting solution, the requirements to implement, and the structure of a system itself.


Multilateral Netting Reloaded
tmi | Interview with Martin Bellin | Oct 2018

In this tmi Executive Interview, Martin Bellin highlights why multilateral netting is one of the most underestimated ways to optimize intercompany payments and group performance.


Best Practice TMS Implementation: Why Processes Are King
tmi | Rüdiger Schlecht | Sep 2018

Every company is unique in its set-up, stakeholders, and workflows, meaning that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to implementing a treasury management system (TMS). What all corporates have in common, however, is the opportunity to leverage a TMS implementation project to maximise the benefits of cutting-edge technology, whilst optimising treasury processes and structures. Read on to discover how this can be achieved – with very little additional effort.


Fully Connected
The Treasurer | Lena Pennington | Aug 2018

In this article, Lena Pennington explains how treasury technology facilitates more reliable and speedier access to data, improves visibility across organizations and offers corporate treasurers the potential to become more integrated within their business, enhancing information flow and collaboration.


Four Steps to a Successfull TMS Implementation
The Treasurer | Teut Deese | Jul 2018

What are the ingredients that go into a successful rollout? In this article, Teut Deese outlines the key stages of a successful TMS implementation.

Fit for the Future
CEO Insight | Jul 2018

In this article, CEO Insight takes a look at what the future holds for BELLIN and how this company of excellence is a master at interpreting and responding to wider macro socio-economic trends – developing solutions that are pertinent to the next generation of treasurers.


Robo Treasury: Hail or Hype?
tmi | Martin Bellin | Apr 2018

Do treasurers need to fear for their future? Are they all about to be replaced by faceless robots? In this tmi article, Martin Bellin discusses the influence of various new technologies and how they are likely to shape the future of treasury.


The end of the one ERP system strategy
The Global Treasurer | Axel Goedecke | Apr 2018

In this article, Axel Goedecke outlines why corporates who want to achieve global reach, transparency and efficiency should focus on a one treasury management system strategy rather than on a one ERP system strategy, which might appear compelling in theory but does not live up to reality.


Global Leaders in Treasury Management
CEO Insight | Mar 2018

In this interview, Martin Bellin talks about the evolution of BELLIN and building on everything that has been achieved over the last two decades. He outlines how BELLIN remains well placed to provide customers with pioneering approaches to reduce cost, increase efficiency and shape treasury in the years to come.


Martin Bellin: From Treasury Vision to Treasury Mission
CEO Insight | Henry Martin | Mar 2018

CEO Insight has published a profile of Martin Bellin – telling his story as former treasurer turned treasury management system entrepreneur and innovator. Highlighting his career journey to date, the values he lives and works by, his ambitions for the company and vision for treasury.


The common denominator: the must-consider aspects of a treasury management system implementation
The Global Treasurer | Katja Franz | Mar 2018

In this article, Katja Franz explains the issues and requirements in connection with treasury management system implementation that are of importance to all companies and that transcend customer specifics.


Optimizing cash management with a virtual account structure
bobsguide | Frank Song | Mar 2018

In this article, Frank Song outlines that services such as physical cash sweeps and notional cash pooling have allowed corporates to achieve optimal account structures that minimize fees while allowing efficiencies in accounting and control. He discusses the concept of virtual accounts, a relatively new possibility that expands the efficiency frontier.


The First Twenty Years
CEO Insight | Henry Martin | Mar 2018

As BELLIN celebrates its twentieth anniversary, CEO Insight has published an article about BELLIN’s journey over two decades which outlines how BELLIN has been pivotal in elevating the importance of the treasury function.

ICRC: Payments on the Frontline
tmi | Jan 2018

BELLIN client, International Committee of the Red Cross – or ICRC – recently appeared in TMI magazine. The case study outlines how the nonprofit organization ensures that funds are available for operations in an increasingly complex and unpredictable environment with transparent processes.


Shifting the mindset of SMEs to embrace treasury technology is one of our priorities
CFO Brain Interview | Arturo Pallardó | Jan 2018

Martin Bellin outlines how small and medium-sized businesses can make the most of the technology and services offered by Treasruy as a Service, TaaS.


The Next Treasury Chapter at HeidelbergCement
tmi | David Flory | Nov 2017

In this tmi article about BELLIN client HeidelbergCement, David Flory, Head of Group Cash Management HeidelbergCement, outlines how his treasury’s priorities have evolved since 2014, when he discussed the evolution of the company’s cash pooling strategy in a similar article.


Overcoming global transaction banking challenges
bobsguide | Sebastian Niemeyer | Nov 2017

In this article, Sebastian Niemeyer introduces the BELLIN Virtual Network Bank and outlines how corporates can identify suitable banking partners and set up relationships with participating banks upfront in a streamlined and standardized way.


The digital fortress
FX-MM | Martin Bellin | Nov 2017

In this article, Martin Bellin talks about how finance departments can be a ‘gateway’ to cyber crime, and how even the most fortified systems can still fall victim to attack. To avoid this, all three pillars of cyber security need to be taken into consideration: people, technology and governance.

Global Transparency in Banking with the Virtual Network Bank Concept
FX-MM | Sebastian Niemeyer | Sep 2017

In this article, Sebastian Niemeyer outlines the new BELLIN virtual network bank concept – a groundbreaking new approach in Global Transaction Banking that enables corporate clients to select banks in the countries they require and to assemble a portfolio that exactly meets their needs.

How to Apply a Virtual Network Bank
tmi | Sep 2017

tmi published a treasury insight article about how BELLIN client Aalberts Industries N.V. applied a virtual network bank for the group in order to achieve an efficient banking structure.


Building a virtual network
Treasury Today | Sebastian Niemeyer | Sep 2017

In this article, Sebastian Niemeyer outlines the new virtual network bank concept developed by BELLIN and explains how the solution enables BELLIN’s customers to identify suitable banking partners and set up relationships with participating banks in a streamlined and standardized way.


Corporate Independence
FX-MM | Expert View with Martin Bellin | Sep 2017

In this Expert View article in FX-MM's Intelligent Treasury Special Report, Martin Bellin shares his insights on how technology is revolutionizing treasury management and helping corporates achieve independence from banks. 

Fraud bad news keeps on coming: the simple structures and processes to protect you
CTMfile | Jack Large | Aug 2017

In his newsletter Jack Large explains how simple structures and processes can protect corporates against cybercrime and fraud and refers to our video on BELLIN TV "Curing the digital disease: How to outwit cybercrime."


What do you want from your TMS supplier's web-site?
CTMfile | Jack Large | Aug 2017

“It’s Treasurytainment.” on CTMfile (Cash & Treasury Management file –  Source for information, analysis & comment): under the headline “What do you want from your TMS supplier’s web-site?”, Jack Large takes a look at the BELLIN website and its “comprehensive coverage”.


Executive Interview with Martin Bellin
tmi | Jul 2017

In this interview with Helen Sanders, Editor, Martin discusses the issue of security, which has become front of mind for corporate treasurers and finance managers globally.


CEO Insight Interview with Martin Bellin
CEO Insight | May 2017

In this interview, Martin BELLIN discusses how BELLIN is championing innovation in treasury, the meaning of “Heimat” and how that translates at BELLIN, the emergence of “social treasury,” and how technology is simply the means to an end in treasury.

New Avenues for the Future of Treasury
CEO Insight | Martin Bellin | May 2017

Martin Bellin shares his insight on a variety of topics influencing the future of treasury including: digitization and automation, efficiency gains and outsourcing, the importance of group-wide networks, regulations,  new technologies and ultimately building the treasury of tomorrow.

The Power of the Network
The Treasurer | Martin Bellin | May 2017

In this article, Martin Bellin shares his vision for the future of treasury that includes social media as a collaboration tool.


The modern treasury network
FX-MM | Interview with Martin Bellin | Apr 2017

FX-MM published an expert view with Martin Bellin about how treasury will develop in the future. The transformation of treasury towards a network of people who are going to interchange information, experience and knowledge takes center stage.

In-House Banks: Staying in control
FX-MM | Interview with Martin Bellin | Mar 2017

In this article published by FX-MM, Martin Bellin shares his thoughts on best-practice in-house banking.

Sustainable Treasury Thanks to KPIs
CEO Insight | Nancy Bredin | Jan 2017

Nancy Bredin has written an article about how the right KPIs can improve the performance of treasury management. The article was published by CEO Insight magazine.


Unique treasury solutions
The European | Interview with Martin Bellin | Jan 2017

The European interviewed Martin Bellin about how he started his company and the key differentiators of BELLIN's services and solutions.


From Treasury Vision to Treasury Mission
Business Worldwide | Martin Bellin | Nov 2016

It has been nearly 20 years since Martin Bellin founded BELLIN in 1998. Today, the group is the global leader in providing web-based treasury software and services for multinational corporations and inspires more than 15,000 companies with over 25,000 users in 150+ countries. Modern, web-based treasury platforms serve all corporate treasury functions, from liquidity planning to global payments, netting and risk management. After all these years, Martin Bellin is still in charge and BELLIN is still entirely family-owned. So who is the man behind this unique success story? And how did he and BELLIN get to where they are today?


Treasurers Can’t Pass The Compliance Buck To Banks
PYMNTS B2B Newsletter | Interview with Martin Bellin | Nov 2016

PYMNTS B2B Newsletter has written an article on the partnership of BELLIN and Accuity and published an interview with Martin Bellin about compliance and security in treasury.


The Future of Treasury Management Systems
Virtual Roundtable FX-MM | with Martin Bellin | Oct 2016

FX-MM brings together leading industry experts to discuss the future of treasury management systems (TMSs) and examine how technology is enabling treasurers to ditch the data-gathering and take on a more strategic role within their organizations. Our panel examines how technology is also helping to democratize the use of TMS, with Software-as-a-Service offerings enabling corporates large and small to enjoy the benefits of the cloud and more user-friendly systems.  

Sponsor Interview
TreasuryToday Guide to Digitization Handbook | Martin Bellin | Sep 2016

The age of innovation in corporate treasury has promised many things, most notably the ability to streamline and automate processes, driving efficiency across the business and allowing treasurers to better fulfill their strategic mandate. But sometimes there is no need to reinvent the  wheel, and old ideas, with a little help from new technology, are all that are needed.

BELLIN: Two-Fold Approach to Strategic Treasury
CEO Insight | Beate Haumesser | Sep 2016

Treasurers are under increasing pressure to support global growth strategy and objectives. BELLIN’s response to these developments is two-fold: the concept of Load Balanced Treasury and Treasury as a Service, TaaS.

A treasured relationship
EuropeanCEO | Martin Bellin | Aug 2016

Treasurers are too often wasted on data collection. Simplifying subsidiary relations through a centralized system is the best way to ease the reporting burden and involve the treasury department on a strategic level, writes Martin Bellin, CEO of BELLIN Group.

My Life in Treasury - Royston Da Costa
tmi | Royston Da Costa, Group Assistant Treasurer with our client Wolseley | Jul 2016

Royston Da Costa,who has built up many years of treasury experience with international businesses, published a very well-received article in "tmi" on the treasury technology transformation in which Wolseley has been engaged, updating readers on progress since his previous article in 2013. In this edition, Royston discusses his career and experiences in treasury with Helen Sanders, Editor.

Driving transformation
The Treasurer | About our client Reall | May 2016

The past few years have been good to Reall. Previously Homeless International, in 2014 the charity rebranded and relaunched, shifting its business model from a development charity funded by grants to a social enterprise. Using a business-focused model to provide philanthropic support to its partner network, Reall expanded its operating budget tenfold and increasing its expansion efforts twentyfold over its 2010 numbers. Meanwhile, future growth projections have highlighted the need to standardize and modernize the methology used for tracking investments in partner companies.

BELLIN reorganize management team with new appointment
tmi | May 2016

Starting with the financial year 2016, Michael Juen, Executive Director of Sales & Consulting and treasury expert with over 20 years of experience, joins Martin Bellin and Roland Person as Managing Director of BELLIN. Sharing responsibilities between three managers strengthens sustainability and expertise in the group, while at the same time creative growth and innovation.

Continuing Wolseley's Treasury Transformation
tmi | Royston Da Costa, Group Assistant Treasurer with our client Wolseley | May 2016

In November 2013 (TMI edition 221), Royston Da Costa published an article in TMI outlining the journey that Wolseley's treasury has undertaken to enhance both financial and operational efficiency, leveraging a combination of treasury technology and banking solutions. In this edition, he provides an update on the most recent stages of this journey.

CEO Insight Awards
Winners 2016 - BELLIN | May 2016

BELLIN awarded "Best Finance Software Solutions Provider"  

Treasury matters
CEO Insight | Interview with Martin Bellin | May 2016

CEO Insight interviewed Martin Bellin, founder and CEO of BELLIN in the May edition. 

The full service
FX-MM | Cover interview with Martin Bellin | May 2016

Martin Bellin, founder and CEO of BELLIN, explains to FX-MM’s Peter Garnham how the firm’s expertise and the evolution of technology has enabled it to offer Treasury as a Service, the next generation of systems that will free up corporate treasurers to concentrate on the important, strategic issues facing them today.

Treasury as a Service
May 2016

Why do corporate treasuries implement software solutions? The specifics may vary, but the underlying intention is always the same: corporates seek to automate and streamline their processes, reduce and eliminate manual processes and boost efficiency.

Servicing the corporate treasury
FX-MM | Interview with Martin Bellin | Mar 2016

Cloud technology has opened up the breadth and sophistication of options available to the corporate treasurer. FX-MM's Frances Faulds looks at recent evidence of a growing interest in new models.

Building from the Ground up
World Finance | Oct 2015

In the hyper-competitive field of treasury management, Martin Bellin, CEO and co-founder of BELLIN, along with this team, has achieved a long list of firsts, and overcome an array of corporate obstacles.

Martin Bellin on succeeding in treasury management
WorldFinance | Oct 2015

An interview with Martin Bellin

The Role of BEPS for Treasury Management
CEO Insight | Martin Bellin | Oct 2015

Martin Bellin discusses the future of treasury and tax matters.

Top 20 Companies
CEO Insight | Oct 2015

The Top 20 Companies

Treasury Trove
CEO Insight | Interview with Martin Bellin | Oct 2015

Founded in 1998 in Ettenheim, Germany, BELLIN has over 150 employees focused on creating solutions that reflect the pragmatic, efficient nature of Germany engineering. The company leverages its core strength – its knowledge of treasury – to build solutions that work locally and apply globally. Its solutions are designed to be easy to use by both treasurers and non-treasurers and permit as many users as the treasury has need of, at no extra cost. This increases involvement of subsidiaries with the treasury, automates global data collection, enforces group-wide rules and compliance, and enhances transparency. In the interview, BELLIN founder and CEO Martin Bellin discusses the company and its tm5 software, a modular platform that encourages the distribution of workload so that the central treasury gets better numbers, faster.

Is the dream of centralization finally a reality?
Bobsguide TMS Guide | Sep 2015

We are at a tipping point for corporate-to-bank communication. SWIFT has already transformed intra-bank communication, and SWIFT for corporates promises to do the same for bank to corporate communication. However, the real big step comes with the combination of SWIFT and a treasury managemnet system with a comprehensive payment factor – allowing truly centralized payment structures and global bank visibility.

Entrepreneur of the Year
tmi | Sep 2015

Award for Martin Bellin

The Judges’ Comments
tmi | Sep 2015

TMI Awards for Innovation and Excellence

TMS Functionality Matrix
Bobsguide TMS Guide | Sep 2015

Instrument Coverage

The immortality of spreadsheets
Bobsguide TMS Guide | Sep 2015

The connectivity and efficiency benefits of a treasury management system (TMS) are well known but treasurers still cleave to Excel spreadsheets for some cash management tastks due to its ease of use. Neil Ainger investigates whether spreadsheets will ever die or whether they will be co-opted into TMSs.

Co-operation with Thomson Reuters
tmi | Aug 2015

BELLIN, a global leader in providing web-based treasury software and services for multinational corporations, announced a new co-operation with Thomson Reuters, in which BELLIN integrates Thomson Reuters’ pre-trade insight, feeds and straight-through-processing connectivity to Thomson Reuters’ FXall to provide a comprehensive solution to corporate treasurers.

BELLIN announces strategic partnership with DIVA Corporation
tmi | Aug 2015

BELLIN, Germany-based provider of treasury management systems and services has announced a strategic partnership with the renowned Japanese provider of consolidated accounting systems, DIVA Corporation. DIVA will launch BELLIN’s “Treasury as a Service” (TaaS) as the first of its kind in Japan; it will also market and implement BELLIN’s web-based treasury management system (TMS) tm5. With subsidiaries in Canada and England as well as partners in the Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, and now Japan, BELLIN’s treasury operations truly span the globe.

Treasury Workstations Build In Bank Fee Analysis
Global Finance Magazine | Jul 2015

Along with understanding the value they provide their banking partners, most companies want to know what they are spending in banking fees each year, and how this compares to the contract rates. Bank-fee analysis software can automate the process.

Treasury Information
Treasury Today | Nov 2014

For the treasury function, information is key.  With the constant evolution of technology and the rise of big data, have there been any notable changes in the way that treasury departments obtain their information? Also, how can treasurers manage enhanced data and turn it into tangible business information?

Cash Management Goes Global
tmi | Martin Bellin | Aug 2014

Ten years ago, it was still a great innovation. Today almost all companies have one – a system for cash management. It allows the company tp plan current account balances and manage all payments orders on a unified system – in short, it is the basis for electronic banking. Long gone are the days of monstrous Excel spreadsheet and paper-based payments orders. Today, such a solution is a basic necessity and many corporate headquarters have optimized their cash management. What is the next step?

tm5 and payments at L’Occitane: A True Story
tmi | Jul 2014

The L'Occitane group is a global, natural and organic ingredient-based cosmetics and well-being products manufacturer and retailer with strong regional roots in Provence, France. The group has five brands in its portfolio and is committed to developing and retailing high-quality products with traceable origins and respect for the environment. Today, the company employs approximately 7,000 people in over 2,300 boutiques worldwide and generates sales of over 1 billion euros.

Global Payment Standards with BELLIN and SWIFT
tmi | Case study with our client Dentsu Aegis | Jul 2014

Headquartered in London, Dentsu Aegis Network is a combination of Aegia Media and Dentsu Inc.’s non Japanese media business which was formed following the c. 3.2 bn pounds acquisition of Aegis Group plc by Dentsu Inc. in March, 2013. Dentsu Aegis Network is one of the world’s leading media and digital angecies, generating annual turnover in excess of 16 bn pounds across a worldwide network covering over 80 countries and employing 20,000 employees.

Looking Behind the Cloud: Understanding the Technology of Treasury
tmi | Hugh Russell | Jul 2014

By Hugh Russell, Regional Sales Director, North America, BELLIN

The Cost of Reform: Wallet Sizing & Basel III
GTNews | Michael Bach | Jun 2014

Basel III will increase costs. Don’t doubt this. The most talked-about aspect of the regime – the capital requirements – alone are significant, but combine that with liquidity requirements and the costs of banking is going to increase. The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) is estimating a 15-point increase in lending spread. These increased requirements will make it important for corporates to find alternative avenues of capital.

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