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We Love Treasury

We Love Treasury 2

Published in 2017


Corporate treasury is a multi-faceted discipline: efficient liquidity management, intercompany settlement, risk management, or optimizing intercompany financing are some of the activities treasurers handle on a daily basis. “We Love Treasury” is our attempt to portray treasury in all its diversity. Despite often being overshadowed by other financial disciplines, treasury is crucial to every company’s success and deserves recognition.

This second volume features first hand treasury accounts and highlights how different businesses tackle treasury issues – starting with the family-owned and operated company with a long tradition, to the globally active asset manager in London or the hip start-up company in Berlin. But most importantly, we are portraying the treasurers’ passion for their unique and dynamic work. And yes, we love treasury 2!

We Love Treasury

Published in 2012

What ensures that a company is liquid at all times? What minimizes financial risk in foreign currency transactions? What lets a group save on interest payments and administrative costs? The answer is always the same: a modern treasury.

In this book, 30 experienced financial and software experts reveal how their medium-sized to large companies deal with these and many more challenges every day – and why they can all say with conviction: “We love Treasury!”

We Love Treasury Book

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