EuroFinance International Cash & Treasury Management 2018


We are proud to be a Technology Sponsor again this year at the EuroFinance International Treasury Management Conference in Geneva! Since 1998, we at BELLIN have been empowering treasurers with solutions to not only make critical decisions and meet the demands of day-to-day responsibilities, but to approach treasury management with strategic vision. Be sure to stop by booth L52 & L53, meet our treasury experts and demo our award-winning TMS tm5.

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Stream 2 | Day 1 | 2:40 pm

Thinking about technology in a new light: from spreadsheet to TMS

The technology environment is fraught with change. Consolidation in the TMS space, the reluctance of companies to unfold big ticket TMS project in a changing technology environment and the recognition that even sophisticated MNCs are going to have to redo their aging system landscape in the next few years are driving many corporate transformations. But this is no excuse to rely on intricate error-prone spreadsheets with multiple banking platforms and multiple logins and tokens: that is simply yesterday’s treasury. So how can a company move to a standardised effective and efficient treasury using the technology available today and also ensure it is future proof? Martin Bellin, Founder & CEO of BELLIN, talks to Malcolm Grant, Chief of Treasury at NGO IOM, and Marion Barré, Senior Treasury Officer at IOM and former International Treasurer at l’Occitane, to discuss how technology has transformed their treasury lives.

Image of Malcolm GrantMalcolm Grant
Chief of Treasury
Image of Marion BarréMarion Barré
Senior Treasury Officer
Image of Martin BellinMartin Bellin
Founder & CEO

Learn more about IOM’s treasury

About IOM:
International Organization for Migration, or IOM, is the world’s leading organization that provides services and assistance concerning migration – dealing with the diverse and complex aspects in this field. Established in 1951, IOM has been working closely with various partners – governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental. They promote international cooperation on migration issues to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need. With 165 member states, 401 IOM offices, missions, and over 9,000 employees worldwide, IOM is a very complex organization – and this is mirrored in their treasury operations.

Stream 3 | Day 2 | 1:30 pm

More cash coming in? Time to concentrate or not?

It’s a nice problem to have: fast-growth companies are (usually) generating increasing amounts of cash in more currencies in more countries. The problem is how to manage that cash efficiently, maintain visibility and ensure excess cash is centralised to maximise its value in a changing legal and regulatory and tax environment. These companies may not need to rationalise their cash management banks as they have not had time to build up the tangle faced by some treasuries. But they do need to explore the options for cash concentration in each of their operating currencies, and then perhaps to look at global multi-currency cash pooling into a single header account to reduce FX risk and optimise cash investment strategies. At the same time, preferably near the beginning of companies’ rapid expansion, treasurers should focus on any bank connectivity solutions that may have arisen from expediency or necessity and which can be improved by, for example, a SWIFT solution. In this situation, what are the options and what dictates treasury choices?

Speaker: Samuel Antunes, Director of Group Cash Management & Financing | l’Occitane International | Switzerland

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