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BELLIN SAP Integration

API-based data transfer

The BELLIN SAP integration connects a company’s SAP ERP landscape seamlessly with the BELLIN treasury management system, tm5. API data transfer guarantees maximum security, transparency and process control. This fact sheet outlines the main functionalities and benefits of the BELLIN SAP integration.

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BELLIN SWIFT Service CSP Package

Increase security, complete your CSP assessment with ease

BELLIN helps customers boost company-wide security with the BELLIN SWIFT Service CSP Package. The package enables them to meet the requirements of the mandatory SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) and to complete their CSP self-attestation with minimal effort, incl. external assessment.

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BELLIN tm5 : Overview

A broad overview to BELLIN tm5’s functionality

tm5 is a web-based and dynamically-integrated platform that excels in ensuring global visibility, maximized security and uncapped work-hours saved. Solutions within tm5 service areas like cash management, liquidity management, payments, netting, in-house banking, risk exposure management, and more.

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BELLIN Advisory on Demand

Prompt and effective tm5 consulting and support

In addition to BELLIN’s standard consulting packages, BELLIN Advisory-on-Demand (AoD) is an additional service for clients requiring prompt support outside of an active project (such as implementations).

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BELLIN Cloud Services

Performance, flexibility, security and ease-of-use

Our BELLIN Cloud Services packages allow us to tailor our cloud environment to match your business, security and technology needs, ensuring you get a package that’s right for you. This fact sheet gives you an overview of the benefits and content of the BELLIN Cloud Service Packages.

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BELLIN Consulting Services

Implementation and Operation Assistance

Supplementing BELLIN’s intuitive treasury management system, tm5, our team of expert consultants are available to assist with the strategic implementation and operation of the platform to your company. Having holistic support from our in-house consulting team can be the key cog to allow you to take full advantage of the wide array of powerful functions within the system.

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The Value Drivers of a Treasury Management System

Why invest in a TMS? 

TMS quantifiable value benefits are plentiful for treasurers and financial professionals alike. Whether it is from the consolidation of payment systems and banking relationships or boosting productivity with process automation, a TMS drives value. 

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Access to the most powerful banking network in the world

This fact sheet titled: BELLIN SWIFT Service: Access to the most powerful banking network in the world, gives you an overview of the possibilities of having your own SWIFT BIC as part of the BELLIN SWIFT service. Discover all the benefits of Cash Management, Global Payments – including gpi for Corporates (g4C) for fast and traceable cross-border payments – and digital trade finance.

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Intercompany Netting and Reconciliation for Global Corporations

Gain control of your intercompany transactions

This fact sheet titled:  Intercompany Netting and Reconciliation for Global Corporations, highlights common challenges that companies face with domestic and global intercompany commerce. Then, we highlight solutions to mitigate the risk involved with those challenges.

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Dynamic Payment Processing for Global Corporations

Payments fact sheet landing page preview image

Save time and gain visibility with a multi-bank portal

This fact sheet titled: Dynamic Payment Processing for Global Corporations, highlights how a centralized corporate payment solution can streamline an overcomplex global banking landscape, save ample time managing payments, and provide visibility and control of your payment processing.

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Intuitive Bank Fee Analysis with BELLIN and Vallstein

Gain a holistic overview of your company-wide bank fees

This fact sheet titled: Intuitive Bank Fee Analysis with BELLIN and Vallstein, gives an overview BELLIN’s  bank fee analysis tool, which helps corporates discover, reduce and consolidate the various bank fees they currently pay annually.

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