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Payment Fraud eBook

Assessing and responding to escalating threat

You can only find an effective response to the threat of payment fraud if you know what you’re up against. In this collaboration with Strategic Treasurer, we explore common methods, up-to-date figures and insights from across the industry, so you can take targeted action.

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Treasury Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence

How treasurers can leverage AI without fear of being replaced

This white paper empowers treasurers to define viable use cases for artificial intelligence in treasury and outlines the best opportunities to leverage an AI-enabled treasury that underpins the discipline, rather than replace it. 

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Embracing Technology: Solving Key Cash Management Challenges

Examining challenges and opportunities in cash management

This white paper titled: Embracing Technology: Solving Key Cash Management Challenges, highlights some of the key challenges and opportunities that treasurers should be aware of to fortify their cash management processes.

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Three Technologies Increasing the Speed of Treasury

Three emerging technologies that are evolving the treasury industry

This white paper titled: Three Technologies Increasing the Speed of Treasury, takes a look at 3 emerging technologies that are helping evolve the treasury industry.

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Fortifying Security with a Centralized Payments Solution

Combat payments processing challenges with a centralized payments platform

This white paper titled: Fortifying Security with a Centralized Payments Solution, dissects the challenges involved with payments processing, including payment fraud, complex bank connectivity and controls limitations. We then look into how a centralized platform is a solution for those challenges.

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Multilateral Netting: Mitigating Costs and Exposure with Multilateral Netting

Netting White paper

Navigating hurdles by establishing protocol and elevating transparency.

An immersive look into multilateral netting by dissecting the steps to establishing baseline protocol for implementation, the associated benefits and potential hurdles to ponder.

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Cyber Fraud and Treasury: How to Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

Security RoystonDaCosta Whitepaper

Cyber Fraud and Treasury: How to Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats
by: Royston Da Costa, Assistant Group Treasurer | Ferguson Group

Cybercrime has soared to record levels and this has also had severe repercussions for treasury. Whether you are a multi-national corporation or a family business, some tough questions have to be answered: where are the vulnerable points of failure? How can I prepare and protect my business? Employees can be a company’s greatest asset in preventing fraud but also their weakest link. In his whitepaper, BELLIN TMS user Royston Da Costa outlines the risks treasurers are faced with and talks about how you can get your company “fraud-proof.”

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