Cyber Fraud and Treasury: How to Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

Company-wide strategies to understand and mitigate cyber fraud risk

An increasing awareness of Internet fraud is making treasury departments deploy smart and innovative practices in their operations and risk management policies. Many are undertaking a thorough review of internal and external processes. Every component of treasury management – from the supervision of payments to data security – must be robust, fulfilling best practices while also being fully regulatory compliant.

Royston Da Costa of Ferguson Group assisted in drafting this immersive white paper titled “Cyber Fraud and Treasury: How to Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats,” which highlights how to prevent cyber fraud and the strategies on combating it. The white paper covers:

  • Cyber fraud consequences
  • Most common types of cyber fraud
  • How to prevent cyber fraud
  • How to respond to cyber fraud

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Security RoystonDaCosta Whitepaper
Security Cyber Fraud Whitepaper

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