White Paper – Multilateral netting: Mitigating costs and exposure with multilateral netting

Navigating hurdles by establishing protocol and elevating transparency.

Netting White paper

White Paper – Multilateral netting: Mitigating costs and exposure with multilateral netting

Treasurers are aware of the expanding volume of responsibilities involved in their day-to-day. Mitigating FX risk and consolidating large volumes of invoices takes away from a treasurer’s ability to focus on holistic strategy. Taking this into account, treasury practitioners find themselves rummaging for solutions to streamline or automate such tasks while maintaining maximum transparency.

The problem: Intercompany commerce creating large volumes of invoices and micro-transactions. Consequently leading to redundant FX fees, banking fees, and intercompany disputes.

The solution: Multilateral netting software to automate, reconcile, and mediate intercompany commerce. Heavily reduces transaction volume, associated fees, and provides a veil of maximum transparency over company-wide cashflows.

This white paper titled: Mitigating costs and exposure with multilateral netting is an immersive look into multilateral netting by dissecting the steps to establishing baseline protocol for implementationthe associated benefits and potential hurdles to ponder.

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Netting White Paper

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