Ensuring Implementation Success

Professionalized project management is a fundamental element of BELLIN treasury system implementation and consulting services. Schools of thought from both the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management were used to develop our own approach to project management that best suits our software implementation projects. Our main objective is simple: execute projects effectively and efficiently. We use project management as a tool to ensure the scope and objective of the project are defined, the project momentum is maintained, the steps to complete the project are clear and any issues that arise are resolved with a high level of care. Receiving project management services from the same consulting team managing the implementation create synergies and ultimately peace of mind for you.

Project Phases

At BELLIN, our implementation projects are broken down into four project phases:


This stage refers to all steps taken before the contract is signed. During this stage, the BELLIN sales team is your first point of contact. Product demos take place and workshops are conducted.  Scoping can be extended to a full analysis of Requirements and Solutions which is documented in writing and serves as a basis for the implementation. The information gathered during the Scoping Phase forms the basis for a smooth and efficient implementation.

Project Initiation

A workshop will be held with the team and the customer to officially kick off the implementation project. If no full scoping was performed and no Scoping Documentation exists, this kick-off meeting serves to analyze the requirements and create a Project Charter accordingly. The initiation phase serves to align customer requirements and expectations with the BELLIN project team and define the details and timeline of the implementation phase.


During the Implementation stage, the focus is on controlling the established project scope, guiding you through the implementation, documenting all implemented functionalities and managing expectations. The Implementation stage ends with the rolled-out treasury system. As testing is typically performed continuously in parallel to the actual implementation, our projects do not have separate testing phases. However, if requested, the implementation phase can either be followed by a designated Testing Phase or even separate testing phases for individual implementation stages.

Project Closure

During the Project Closure phase, the treasury system is officially rolled-out. A Project Acceptance document is prepared for authorized signature. We will also request your feedback about the sales process and implementation experience. Once the project is formally closed, a BELLIN relationship manager will take over as your primary contact. In addition, the consultant will still be your contact for tm5 and treasury related consultancy.

Service Levels

BELLIN is pleased to offer flexible Project Management packages to suit your organization’s implementation needs. Our consulting team is able to provide a broad range of service levels of varying intensities to meet your requirements.


The Elemental service level is the minimum amount of project management included in all BELLIN consulting projects, an estimated two consulting days. When project management is not explicitly purchased, the Baseline service level applies to ensure a minimum level of project control.


The Standard service level is an add-on service for project management includes the following:

  • Full project plan
  • Project timeline
  • Communication plan
  • Project documentation
  • Meeting minutes including action and issues log
  • Usage report
  • Status reports
  • Scope change management

The total number of project management days associated with this service level will depend on the size and complexity of the project.


The Enhanced service level is an add-on service for project management and includes all services in the Standard service level as well as additional requested project management services and/or special project reporting based on your individual requirements.  The total number of project management days associated with this service level will depend on the size and complexity of the project.

Technical Requirements

There are generally no technical requirements when utilizing BELLIN’s project management services. If you would like to use file sharing options for project documentation, the use of the project management software(s) in use by BELLIN is needed. We use Microsoft Project as the main software for producing project management documents such as Gantt charts or work breakdown structures. Workflow and project management diagrams within the implementation documentation are produced using Microsoft Visio.

For more information, contact sales@bellin.com