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All treasurers are crisis managers

It has been a decade since treasurers emerged from the financial crisis to take center stage as the strategic gatekeepers of corporate finance. Now, the world faces an even bigger threat and treasurers find themselves back in the spotlight.

We have compiled a number of crisis-relevant assets to underpin your efforts. On this page, you can:

  • Find hands-on, practical advice
  • Read about the crucial role of treasurers
  • Take inspiration from treasury role models

Crisis asset library

It is time to put tried and tested crisis management skills, strategy and foresight to the task.

Treasury Management as a Crisis Tool

Treasury management is an important tool in times of crisis such as the Coronavirus. How treasurers have prepared and what they can do right now.

The Liquidity and Funding How-to in Times of Crisis

A practical how-to on ensuring liquidity and funding at a time when all companies compete for financing. Learn which steps you can take now and moving forward.

The Treasurer’s Response Plan to COVID-19

For treasurers, overcoming COVID-19 can include a combination of technology and process collaboration to maximize cash visibility and control.

The Strategic Role of the Treasurer

Real-time and complete data have transformed the role of treasurers and put them in a position to advise on the best course of action – including in a crisis.

Treasury Management as a Crisis Tool

Treasury management is an important tool in times of crisis such as the Coronavirus. How treasurers have prepared and what they can do right now.

Success story
Visibility and Control for Emsland

Emsland took the leap from non-standardized, manual processes and fragmented systems to group-wide visibility, automation and process reliability in one system.

5 Steps to Secure and Reliable Payment Processes

Secure payment processes decrease the risk of fraud – now more than ever. Here’s a step-by-step guide to secure payment processes wherever you are, incl. remote.

Success story
TMS Support that Makes all the Difference in a Crisis

Tristyle fully relies on complete real-time data on group-wide cash and FX positions to take the right and necessary steps in times of crisis.

Cash Management blog post_PREVIEW image
Cash Management and the Role in Treasury

Managing cash on one sole, group-wide platform brings accuracy and visibility and enables strategic planning and sound decision-making, now and for the future.

Success story
Integrated Cash Management for Rhoen-Klinikum

This healthcare provider went from incomplete data to integrated cash management and liquidity planning, giving them a head start in these difficult times.

Core Requirements for Effective Liquidity Risk Management

In times of crisis, you need liquidity. If short-term liquidity is not your issue, we give you key considerations for an even stronger setup moving forward.

Liquidity planning preview image
Why Liquidity Planning Does Make Sense

Many companies worry that liquidity planning is too unreliable. But especially in times of crisis, it can make all the difference between being prepared or not.

Bilfinger Success Story Preview
Success story
Centralized International Payments for Bilfinger

A fragmented payment landscape can exacerbate an already difficult situation. Take inspiration from Bilfinger and their standardized, one-system payments setup.

Strategic Treasurer Global Crisis Monitor

We need your input! This weekly survey will help us gain insights into the major factors impacting treasury professionals and organizations due to the global crisis.

CTMFile webinar

For treasurers and CFOs, identifying the set of challenges and potential solutions in the COVID-19 crisis is crucial to ensuring your company cannot only stay afloat but thrive.

Defining 6 Core Cash Management Challenges and Solutions

Complex, external factors influence a company’s liquidity situation, sometimes quite drastically. This is how you overcome your cash management challenges.

Scope Management in Finance

Times of crisis can be a catalyst for change. The COVID-19 crisis can be such a moment for treasury. A scoping session helps you identify potential improvements.

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