BELLIN’s „On the Move with Mr. B.“ e05: Netting: How to save resources with smart IC Reconciliation

Find out why a TMS-based netting process is indispensable for any modern, globally active company - in this equally instructive and entertaining installment of the BELLIN TV series “On the Move with Mr. B.”, where Martin Bellin and Teut Deese take a closer look at the market – literally. Against the backdrop of the Freiburg Munsterplatz market and the magnificent Schlossberg panorama, the two discuss the benefits of a TMS-based netting process: with facilitated cash and liquidity management via centralized IC reconciliation, optimization of refinancing cost and centralized FX hedging to reduce bank fees and translation costs, a smart netting setup turns out to be a major value driver. For more information on saving funds and resources by setting up a smart netting process visit For more videos on all things treasury and finance, check out