Intercompany Reconciliation and Netting – Eliminate Uncertainties (2012|EN)

Martin BELLIN, CEO of the BELIIN Group, introduces The intercompany reconciliation and netting module which helps manage these cash flows efficiently and develops an electronic netting process. Companies in corporate groups often need to process many receivables and payables within the organization. The intercompany reconciliation and netting module serves to reconcile receivables and payables and lets companies settle all payments within the group. However, this is not all in tm5 -- this is where the solution takes off. Customers can process all payments between group companies efficiently using the netting center. The system reconciles all intercompany invoices between the companies automatically. BELLIN's AgreementDrivenNetting® principle combines the advantages of receivables-driven and payables-driven netting. Users can manage disputes at the invoice level systematically and launch a structured escalation process that quickly resolves the issue. Before creating balance sheets and P&L statements, companies can complete the reconciliation process for all intercompany accounts.