EuroFinance International Treasury Management 2019

October 16 – 18 Bella Center Copenhagen

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We are thrilled to continue being a Technology Sponsor once again at the 2019 EuroFinance International Treasury Management Conference in Copenhagen! Since 1998, BELLIN has been empowering treasurers with our proven formula of industry-leading treasury technology infused with strategic vision and global expertise. We are looking forward to meeting you and talking about your biggest treasury challenges, wishes and ideas at booth L21+L22. We will be providing in-depth demos of our award-winning TMS, tm5 so don’t miss out!

Glocalising treasury: how to be both global but local
Stream 5 | Day 1 | 2:40 pm

Glocalising treasury: how to be both global but local

One of the challenges of modern business growth is the need to provide locally-appropriate customer experiences from an efficient global platform. Customer experience is the playing field on which companies will either differentiate or be disrupted and customer still want to pay in local currency, use local payment platforms and methods (e.g. unusual hire purchase arrangements) and deal with local staff. While delivering local shop windows globally affects the entire business, treasury has a key part to play in enabling the financial platforms, tax efficiencies, funding and liquidity issues, credit control and receivables management needed to deliver what customers demand. It is also treasury that must knit all these disparate local offerings back together to provide the business with the transparency it needs to monitor, report and manage risks. Thirty years ago, expanding Japanese firms used the term dochakuka to describe the need to be simultaneously global and local. The strategy became known as glocalisation. This treasury has a 21st century take on how to deal with it.

Image of <b>Benjamin Knierim</b><br>
Benjamin Knierim
Sales Director EMEA
Image of <b>Jan Ellegaard Hansen</b><br>
Jan Ellegaard Hansen
Senior Treasury Manager
Nilfisk A/S
Evolution in the TMS ecosystem
Stream 3 | Day 2 | 4:40 pm

Evolution in the TMS ecosystem

Improving the functionality and performance of existing TMSs is a core treasury objective. Yes, replacement is an option, but at a time of economic uncertainty, the expense and disruption are hard to justify. So what does a sensible TMS strategy look like? What is the tipping point at which companies should move to a higher-end system? What are the true pros and cons of on-premises versus Cloud? How can the reporting capabilities of TMS databases be improved and linked to enterprise data lakes? What happens when vendors discontinue support for key platforms? And what is the case for waiting – will new third-party companies and technologies render traditional TMS models obsolete before they need to be upgraded?

In this session a panel of vendors, including BELLIN, Kyriba, SAP and TIS, give real examples of their latest innovations.

BELLIN Participating Speaker

Image of <b>Dr. Wolfgang Kalthoff</b><br>
Dr. Wolfgang Kalthoff
Chief Technology Officer CTO

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Schüco’s Three-pronged Solution for International Payments

BELLIN client Schüco’s three-pronged solution for international payments: with EBICS, Global XML und Global EBICS to efficient, transparent, secure and cost-effective payment processing in 25 countries using tm5.

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