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Welcome back to BELLIN! Here is your digital trade show follow-up.

Hi there, nice to see you again! You sought us out at a trade show because you would like to know more about us. Now here’s what we thought: you don’t want to be bogged down with stacks of brochures and flyers, and we want to save paper and reduce our company’s carbon footprint. Now if that’s not a win-win situation! The digital brochures and links below put BELLIN and our solutions in a (digital) nutshell. And if you’d like to know more, just give us an entirely paper-free call or send us an email.

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tm5: BELLIN’s award-winning TMS

tm5 is your web-based, modular, fully integrated and intuitive treasury management system that is all about global visibility, cooperation and security. It serves all corporate treasury functions mobile and in real time – and it could soon serve you!

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GTB Services:
Global transaction banking made easy

Your comprehensive global transaction banking offering. Find new banks worldwide, benefit from account verification and fraud protection, rate and follow your banks, or enjoy standardized KYC blueprints and simplified bank onboarding.

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BELLIN Consulting Services:
Give your treasury the perfect head start

Back up your TMS system support with an effective and strategic process framework. Our finance and treasury experts use a unique project management approach to help you realize the perfect setup and guide you through your system implementation.

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Payments, account statements, matching, trade finance

Communicate with the global SWIFT Network from your tm5 by getting your own corporate BIC through BELLIN. From payments to account statements, matching and trade finance needs, you benefit from a single point of access and central port of call.

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