5 Lessons From AFP 2016

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We’re in a cab racing down Central Florida Parkway the day after the end of AFP. It’s Tuesday and the crowds have left. The speakers are, for the most part, gone.

On our way home, here are the 5 lessons we learned.

1.  People love Treasury.

Wherever we went, no matter who we talked to, the I Love Treasury colors were met with delight. Treasurers collected bags, mouse pads and pens by the dozen. Consultants talked with us about their passions and their strengths. Even competitors could be seen flying the ILT colors.

2. Don’t underestimate China.

One of the largest importers of everything from industrial components to environmental tech, China is a powerful player on the global stage and one that you need to be aware of. Our cooperation with China will not only help our companies, it will help create the trust and understanding between our nations that will move us all forward.

3. Start now, improve later

Whether this is KPI measurements or hedge accounting, the communication was clear: don’t wait to start. You’re better off starting imperfectly and iterating than waiting for perfection.

4. Find the story behind the numbers

Don’t report spreadsheets. Find the stories behind the data, then base your charts on that.

5. Don’t underestimate new technology

With blockchain changing the idea of the ledger, and Bitcoin transforming currency, it shouldn’t be hard to convince you that change is coming. Keep new technology in your sights.

6 (bonus): Don’t forget to eat

It’s not Florida without a rich Cuban culture of food. Remember that after the numbers, after the analysis, it’s important to get a good meal.


Until next time Florida. Until next time.

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