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Martin Bellin author pictureAuthor: Martin Bellin

As we celebrate the New Year, I wish everyone success, happiness and prosperity! And what better way to start off 2018 than with a heartfelt “thank you!” Thank you for putting your trust in us and our solutions. Thank you for sharing our passion for innovation. Thank you for appreciating the stability and longevity that we bring to everything we do. Thank you for embracing and recommending BELLIN. Thank you for making us who we are!

As the new replaces the old, we look back on last year’s achievements and make way for new accomplishments. For BELLIN, 2017 was another year marked by international expansion, and we were excited to tap into new markets, such as Japan and a number of African countries, while consolidating our position in other regions across Europe. We are still intrinsically bound to our origins – our Black Forest roots, the heritage of German craftsmanship and engineering, and the markets that first enabled us to get our success story off the ground. But we have been able to spread our roots and inspire enthusiasm for treasury around the globe. Next to over a decade in the North American market, this also includes the UK, where we have become firmly established, bringing the same passion, innovation and commitment to long-term business relationships to the table. And as our “International Hub,” our London-based subsidiary has also played a significant role in driving our global expansion. BELLIN keeps growing – a trend that is set to continue in 2018.

In achieving all this, we are more committed than ever before to our mission of delighting multinational organizations with the most innovative and efficient solutions. It is our promise to you that we will continue to work hard towards making your lives that bit easier and towards driving industry development. In doing so, we have not only been enhancing our existing portfolio with exciting new features, we have also ventured into completely new territory. While you have been looking to BELLIN for state-of-the-art treasury technology and solutions for many years, you can now also benefit from our brand-new Global Transaction Banking (GTB) offering that launched in December. It lets you approach global business holistically and marks another milestone for BELLIN in our comprehensive engagement in the world of finance.

And speaking of promises, 2017 also saw our long-standing commitment to security enshrined in the “BELLIN Security Promise.” With attacks by cyber criminals having soared and fraud a major concern for businesses of all sizes, you can rest assured that client security is our number one priority. Of course this also involves working with partners who are equally committed to your security. For example, we were able to see our BELLIN SWIFT Service clients through the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP). With now well over 100 clients, the BELLIN SWIFT Service is not only a major BELLIN success factor and a key differentiator, it also ties in with our commitment to security.

And as we usher in the New Year, we have another important reason to celebrate: 2018 marks BELLIN’s 20th anniversary. So, join us in celebrating two decades of empowered treasurers (for example at 1TC 2018 on February 21/22) and let 2018 be the first year of our next joint success chapter! To a great new year and to many more decades to come!

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