AFP Technology Survey: Anticipating Fintech

Examining the trajectory of emerging technology in finance
Kelly Lübbers author pictureAuthor: Kelly Lübbers

With the help of BELLIN, the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)® conducted the AFP Technology Survey to assess the actual or perceived impact of emerging technologies within corporate treasury and finance.

The survey results show that companies are optimistic regarding the benefits and increased efficiency, yet they remain reluctant to ride the wave.

The data tells us that companies are exhibiting a healthy amount of reluctance to test emerging technology in their day-to-day processes but remain optimistic of the benefits and trajectory. The potentially-stagnant change in efficiency, lack of return on investment, and implementation hurdles are potential deterrents and this is understandable.

At BELLIN, we believe the genesis of innovative technology begins with addressing these concerns and culminates with releasing intuitive products that reflect the needs of treasurers.

Take a look at the full survey results.

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