BELLIN Recognizes Outstanding Achievements in Treasury at 1TC 2018

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Once a year, the BELLIN Community gets together to celebrate outstanding treasury solutions: at the BELLIN Treasury Champions Awards ceremony at 1TC Treasury Convention. The BELLIN Treasury Champions Awards recognize excellent client projects in three categories: “Newcomer of the Year,” “Best Practice” as well as “Client No. 1.” The “Newcomer of the Year” award rewards businesses that have met particularly challenging objectives through the implementation of their treasury projects, providing the entire business with fresh and groundbreaking momentum. The “Best Practice” award recognizes businesses who’ve demonstrated pioneering work or who use BELLIN products and services group-wide in a particularly efficient manner. In this category, it is the more than 50,000 users of BELLIN solutions who elect the winner on BELLIN’s dedicated communication and information platform Treasury Connected. Last but not least, “Client No. 1” honors a particularly special relationship between BELLIN and a client. This year’s conference took place on February 21/22 in Rust, Germany, and saw the largest audience yet.

First on the agenda on the evening of the award ceremony: honoring the “Newcomer of the Year” – Eimskip from Iceland. The ceremony was both memorable and sweet – quite literally… Lena Pennington, Director at BELLIN’s London Office, presented Arni Sigurdsson, Senior Treasury Manager at Eimskip, with a giant cake decorated with an edible winner’s certificate made of icing. With this gesture, she not only recognized their excellent performance but also echoed Eimskip’s own celebrations following the successful  implementation of BELLIN Vantage in August of last year. At the time, Arni Sigurdsson had presented his own team with a similar cake decorated with an edible Vantage reporting dashboard. “I did that because I realized that we always forget to celebrate when something goes well,” he wrote at the time and sent a photo to BELLIN to tweet. Celebrating successes and recognizing excellent performance – exactly what the awards ceremony is all about.

The next big question of the evening: who would be going home with the “Best Practice” award? The excitement was huge, and the three competing projects could all shine from different angles. One project impressed with numbers: in as little as one year they were able to roll out tm5 to 15 countries and connect 8 banks. Another project had caught everyone’s attention thanks to the remarkable efforts of the two-person team who not only handled the worldwide system rollout but also International Cash Management, Reporting and Payment sub-projects. Ultimately, it was a very ambitious project that came out on top. Given the highly complex company structure and enormous data load, the implementation of tm5 was always going to improve processes for this candidate and boost overall efficiency considerably. But these factors also made for an ambitious start: within only a few weeks, structures and workflows were to be overhauled and redefined, large amounts of data transferred, payments migrated from an existing system to tm5 and additional reports set up. It was this excellent performance that convinced everyone, and we were very pleased to congratulate the Oerlikon team on winning the award and becoming a member of the BELLIN Treasury Champions Hall of Fame!

The evening was rounded off with the “Client No. 1” award. This year, it went to not just one outstanding treasurer but to three – as a recognition and a thank you for acting as BELLIN brand ambassadors. Royston Da Costa, Assistant Group Treasurer at Ferguson Group Services Ltd., Reinhard Fesenmeyer, Head of Corporate Finance & Treasury at Herrenknecht, and Jeremy Hamon, Head of Group Treasury at Primetals Technologies, were the faces of BELLIN’s Empowered Treasurers brand campaign, which was launched in September 2017 and embodied BELLIN’s philosophy of always putting people first and of empowering them with technology and/or consulting. The campaign highlighted the enormous responsibility that all treasurers shoulder every day and the different ways in which BELLIN has their back. Kelly Lübbers, Head of Global Marketing and Communications at BELLIN, has overseen the campaign from initial photo shooting to award presentation and in her speech, she emphasized the connection between the people behind the clients and the people behind BELLIN, both united in the BELLIN Community that is made up of over 50,000 members!

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