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International Payments in Harmony

Together with its global network of partners, architects, planners and investors, Schüco creates sustainable building envelopes which focus on people and their needs, in harmony with nature and technology. Windows, doors and façades from Schüco meet the highest standards of design, comfort and safety. Schüco has 4,800 employees and 12,000 partner companies active in more than 80 countries and achieved an annual turnover of EUR 1.425 billion in 2014.

The Challenge

After the group-wide implementation and rollout of tm5 components LMCASH, LMPLANNING and TTCONTRACT, payment processing was now harmonized internationally and – where possible – handled directly in the tm5 component LMPAYMENT. The biggest challenge was to find the appropriate payment format and communication channel for each country.


The Solution: New Formats and Channels

tm5 was first implemented in 2010. Initially, LMPAYMENT was only rolled out to the subsidiaries in Germany with DTA/DTAZV via EBICS. In order to accommodate the largest possible volume of payment transactions in tm5, new formats and communication channels had to be developed.

First, seven Scandinavian and Baltic countries were connected to Danske Bank via MT101 and EBICS, overhauling the previous diversified banking relationships. The end result was not only transparency and process reliability, but also a reduction in costs.

The greatest challenge followed in the next step: connecting17 countries to Deutsche Bank via Global XML and Host-to-Host. A focal point was the integration of all subsidiaries in the comprehensive banking agreements and the issuing of account credentials for the central treasury (Corporate Seal). Finally, together with BNP, the use of the French payment processing format CFONB via global EBICS was realized.

Today, most of the international payment transactions are running on an efficient platform that can handle almost all of the required communication channels and formats, ensuring transparency and an overall view in the global treasury.

Key Facts
Windows, doors and facades
Founded, Headquarters
1951 Bielefeld | DE
in over 80 countries
Annual turnover
EUR 1.425 billion (2014)
Modules in use
LM, TT, Market Data Service
With BELLIN since
October 2010
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