BELLIN announces Bank Fee Analysis in cooperation with Vallstein

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Format independent processing enhances transparency of bank fee statements

BELLIN’s longtime relationship with WalletSizing® provider Vallstein takes a new turn today, with the announcement of a partnership to provide multinational corporations with bank fee analysis. Complimenting BELLIN’s powerful global payments solutions, bank fee analysis extends the visibility provided by tm5 to the relationship between corporate and bank.

“Bank fee analysis is a game changer for many corporate treasuries” says Michael Juen, Executive Director of Sales and Consulting “many banks still provide bank service bills on paper and/or provide proprietary service codes to list services and fees. This makes it nearly impossible for corporate treasurers to produce metrics on global bank relationships. As such, this is a field often neglected by the corporate treasury.”

Thanks to the standardization of bank fee statements and service codes that has come with electronic banking, the straight-through processing of tm5, and the automation of processes by Vallstein and tm5, corporates can now apply the same visibility they have over cash flow to bank fee structures, giving them the ability to track services and transactions, forecast bank fees, create scenarios with what-if analysis and execute bank relationship management strategies. This solution supports all formats, including camt.086 and TWIST BSB.

“This has opened up an entire new way for corporate treasurers to analyze and manage banking relationships.” – Huub Wevers, Head of Business Development Vallstein


About Vallstein

Vallstein is the leading provider of Bank Relationship Management (BRM) solutions with a simple mission: provide the best BRM solution that fits the needs of our clients and helps deliver superior results. Prime to the BRM solutions is the WalletSizing® methodology, which provides a fundamental innovation in BRM. Delivered as software on demand, Vallstein BRM Solutions empower large and medium sized corporations to gain full insight, control and compliance on their banking business, resulting amongst others in information leads and significantly improved conditions. More than 300 corporations use Vallstein’s BRM solutions.

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