Enhanced BELLIN Software – New Features in tm5

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BELLIN continuously develops its treasury management software tm5 to adapt to new market requirements. The most recent update will be available to customers starting 19 June (Patch Day). Numerous new features will be integrated into the standard system.


Once again, the Patch Day’s focus will be on expanding international payment functionality. This is particularly important in the context of varying national initiatives for establishing SEPA in the euro area. The update enables SEPA payments for most European countries via EBICS. BELLIN also updated the country-specific SEPA formats for Germany, Austria and Switzerland to meet the latest regulatory requirements. Bank statements now include SEPA-specific information that, for example, facilitates mandate management. Moreover, SEPA DK direct debit import has been optimized.

“Many customers currently focus on EMIR,” says Martin Bellin, founder and Managing Director of BELLIN GmbH. “Updating tm5 enables us to implement strict requirements of new guidelines further.” This includes the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) for derivatives reporting to trade repositories. EMIR is not just a software issue, however. BELLIN consultants advise and accompany customers in all EMIR topics.

Furthermore, the update expands the scope of BELLIN SWIFT Service. tm5 now allows customers to exchange messages with all SWIFT-enabled institutes. This setup requires no additional SWIFT service bureaus, significantly reducing technical and administrative workload for companies.

Electronic Guarantees and Direct Connections to Banks

A function for obtaining guarantees electronically has now been integrated. Orders can be sent to banks directly via EBICS – a significant step towards “paperless” treasury management and compliance.  With the update, direct host-to-host connections to another ten different banks become available. This is in line with BELLIN’s continuous focus on the concept of four-dimensional payments.  “For BELLIN, it is important to always keep our software up to date with the latest technical standards,” explains Martin Bellin. “Our more than 15,000 users worldwide help us continuously improve the efficiency of their day-to-day treasury business.”

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