Each project is different and each presents itself as an exciting challenge. With the seasoned knowledge of our consultants and the experience they have gathered, we help optimize your treasury processes.

At BELLIN we consider ourselves consultants first. This is why we've spent 20 years collecting the best and brightest treasury and finance consultants from around the world. Our consultants can help you build an integrated, efficient treasury, support you in your implementation efforts, or train you in how to make the best use of your treasury management system. 

Process consulting

Our engagements begin with a multi-national team of experienced treasurers and treasury experts specializing in unique solutions to treasury problems and efficient strategies for enhancing your treasury. Together with our system integration team, we assist you in the strategic reorganization of your treasury practices, and fast implementation of your treasury solutions. 

Let us guide you in designing an efficient treasury structure and optimizing your treasury processes. 

Our consulting process involves:

  • Developing operational and organizational structures...

System implementation

Ensuring Implementation Success

Professionalized project management is a fundamental element of BELLIN treasury system implementation and consulting services. Schools of thought from both the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management were used to develop our own approach to project management that best suits our software implementation projects. Our main objective is simple: execute projects effectively and efficiently. We use project management as a tool to ensure the scope and objective of the project are defined, the project momentum is...

Training and education

System training is included in the configuration stage of all tm5 installations. However, we also offer a variety of specialized training options to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Specialized training for treasurers

  • Webinars
  • Classroom training
  • In-house training

Over 20 years of treasury consulting experience

  • Innovative
  • Thought-leaders
  • Developing operational and organizational structures
  • Strategic
  • Treasurers
  • Selecting banking partners
  • Introducing cash pools
  • Enabling Successful Treasury
  • Innovative solutions
  • Pragmatic
  • Foreign exchange risk hedging strategies

Better treasury solutions mean better treasury practices. That’s why we provide BELLIN treasury consultants, who share the knowledge, experience and technical expertise to make your treasury more flexible, efficient and connected.

Our consultants provide the treasury management models to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and reinvigorate your treasury.

Step up to treasury that moves you

Treasury management without limits

  • Proactive
  • Time-drive dispute management
  • Reconciliation of individual invoices
  • Group Wide
  • Contract Management
  • Hedge Accounting
  • Optimization of Intercompany Cash Flow
  • Value at Risk
  • Guarantees and Letters of Credit
  • Financial Status
  • Payments and Communication with Banks

You know treasury is a moving, changing, living part of your company. What is status quo one day is different the next, but it comes down to taking control, reducing the risks and making it seamless. BELLIN is an international leader in advanced treasury system solutions.


Because when a system for treasurers is made by treasurers it’s intuitive, flexible and connected. It takes the guesswork out to let treasurers excel.

It’s time for better solutions. It’s time for treasury that moves you.

We will revolutionize your treasury

Designed to exceed your Treasury Management support needs.

  • Market Data
  • ISO 27001 certified hosting
  • Data centers in Germany, Switzerland and North America
  • SWIFT Connectivity
  • Treasury and technical experts
  • Own your data

BELLIN offers a number of services to expand and support your treasury efforts, including expanded hosting options, SWIFT connectivity, market data and more.

Find out why treasurers world wide trust BELLIN and tm5 with their treasury.

Prepare for a better treasury