Your treasury doesn't operate in a vacuum, why should your treasury management system?

BELLIN offers a number of services to expand and support your treasury efforts, including expanded hosting options, SWIFT connectivity, and market data. Our treasury platform is supported behind-the-scenes with an impressive array of tools designed to automate and streamline your treasury processes.


The BELLIN SWIFT Service connects tm5 users directly to the SWIFT SCORE network, facilitating communication with all participating banks. Fully integrate the transmission of payments, account statements, even letters of credit and guarantees, into your treasury system. All with the click of a button. Setup is easy. BELLIN provides you with your own BIC and installs the technical platform for SWIFT, then implements and monitors all necessary connectors between the SWIFT network and tm5. No third parties, such as SWIFT Service Bureaus, are required, and payment systems no longer need to be...

Market Data

tm5 offers multiple options for receiving market data. Data from different providers and different sources can be processed or imported. BELLIN has cooperations with Thomson Reuters and vwd Group, bringing you comprehensive market data about FX rates and interest rates for your treasury management. This data is used for calculations, analyses, valuations and reporting in tm5. While the vwd Market Data Package focuses on currencies and interest and is particularly strong in terms of its comprehensive scope, the additional Thomson Reuters option offers the possibility to custom-pick 250 market...

SaaS & ASP hosting

Like our software, we've developed a hosting infrastructure with the flexibility to suit any company. Our servers make up the BELLIN Cloud, a geographically redundant, ISO27001-certified, private cloud infrastructure owned and operated 100% by BELLIN. This gives us the ability to tailor our hosting environment to match the security and technical needs of our customers.

  • Geographically redundant.
  • ISO27001-certified.
  • 100% operated by BELLIN employees.
  • Hosted systems can be in a shared or exclusive environment, to suit your needs and budget.
  • BELLIN...

Trade Reporting

Reporting has been a regulatory hot topic in treasury for a number of years now. New reporting requirements have been introduced and made mandatory, including the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), which enforces reporting, central clearing, and risk management processes for all Over-the-counter (OTC) derivative trades with EU-based counterparties. This has significantly upped the compliance pressure on corporates and rendered manual derivative reporting processes inadequate. Integration and automation are the name of the game: with BELLIN’s EMIR Service, you have...

TaaS (Treasury as a Service)

No business success without sound financial management! This is true for all companies and shouldn’t just cover past transactions and events but also ongoing activities and cash flows as well as valid data to prepare for the future. That said, not every company has the resources for a dedicated department and can afford to create the necessary infrastructure. With TaaS (Treasury as a Service), BELLIN offers standardized treasury management, fully outsourced and offered as a service. This way every company can achieve a professional and sound footing for their financial management without...

BELLIN Matching Service

Contract management can be hard to keep track of. Many corporate treasuries struggle to match their trades with banks or subsidiaries in the increasingly narrow time frames brought on by tightened regulations and the ever more dynamic and competitive nature of the markets they operate in. What used to be done “old school” by postal mail has gained a whole new urgency in recent years: some trades now need to be confirmed within 24 hours, decidedly throwing any analogue options out the window. As a treasurer, you can no longer afford to spend time on non-electronic processes that are...

Over 20 years of treasury consulting experience

  • Innovative
  • Thought-leaders
  • Developing operational and organizational structures
  • Strategic
  • Treasurers
  • Selecting banking partners
  • Introducing cash pools
  • Enabling Successful Treasury
  • Innovative solutions
  • Pragmatic
  • Foreign exchange risk hedging strategies

Better treasury solutions mean better treasury practices. That’s why we provide BELLIN treasury consultants, who share the knowledge, experience and technical expertise to make your treasury more flexible, efficient and connected.

Our consultants provide the treasury management models to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and reinvigorate your treasury.

Step up to treasury that moves you

Treasury management without limits

  • Proactive
  • Time-drive dispute management
  • Reconciliation of individual invoices
  • Group Wide
  • Contract Management
  • Hedge Accounting
  • Optimization of Intercompany Cash Flow
  • Value at Risk
  • Guarantees and Letters of Credit
  • Financial Status
  • Payments and Communication with Banks

You know treasury is a moving, changing, living part of your company. What is status quo one day is different the next, but it comes down to taking control, reducing the risks and making it seamless. BELLIN is an international leader in advanced treasury system solutions.


Because when a system for treasurers is made by treasurers it’s intuitive, flexible and connected. It takes the guesswork out to let treasurers excel.

It’s time for better solutions. It’s time for treasury that moves you.

We will revolutionize your treasury

Designed to exceed your Treasury Management support needs.

  • Market Data
  • ISO 27001 certified hosting
  • Data centers in Germany, Switzerland and North America
  • SWIFT Connectivity
  • Treasury and technical experts
  • Own your data

BELLIN offers a number of services to expand and support your treasury efforts, including expanded hosting options, SWIFT connectivity, market data and more.

Find out why treasurers world wide trust BELLIN and tm5 with their treasury.

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