tm5 is a zero-user-fee platform which encourages the distribution of workload, so that the central treasury gets better numbers, faster.

tm5 is modular, easy to use and designed to allow your treasury to grow. With no additional fees per user or company, we encourage you to connect every corner of your organization. With the ability to connect to any ERP system, the banking world, market data sources, and more, we put nothing in the way of integrating it across your entire corporate group, giving you better data, enhanced functionality, and limiting the need for data entry. 

Liquidity management

Effectively managing your liquidity is crucial to your company, and can only be achieved with groupwide cash visibility. tm5 provides local cash management for all of your subsidiaries at no extra cost, reducing the need for manual data entry, and giving you real-time, in-depth data about your groupwide liquidity. 


Cash Management

Cash Management (LMCASH) handles all of your short-term cash management. Users can process electronic ...


Liquidity Planning

The liquidity planning module (LMPLANNING) enables medium- and long-term forecasting of liquidity acro...


Liquidity Evaluation

Financial Status (LMSTATUS) processes the global cash and contract data available within tm5, allowing...


Multi-bank, Multi-country Payments

Across banks, across borders, the payments module (LMPAYMENT) provides you with a single interface for...

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Interest, currencies & commodities

Interest, Currencies & Commodities enables the trades that are crucial to your treasury. From FX and commodities, through guarantees and letters of credit, all treasury trades and related instruments go through this module. This allows it to record and analyze deals, provides risk analysis and enables you to administer all concluded contracts. By doing so you can evaluate and calculate all cash flows and determine risk indicators to optimize your group's risk management strategy.


Treasury Transaction Management

The Interest, FX and Commodities module (TTCONTRACT) manages and documents all treasury transactions i...


Intercompany and Third-party Trading

The Trading Platforms module (TTDEALING) adds integration with trading platforms, including BELLIN's o...


Overview of all Concluded Contracts

The guarantees module (TTGUARANTEE) enables management of bank and corporate guarantees issued or rece...


Linking Treasury and Accounting

The accounting module (TTGL) connects your treasury and financial accounting departments.

Through the...


Letters of Credit Management

The Letters of Credit module (TTLC) manages letters of credit and corresponding sales and shipments, a...


Mathematical Analysis of Financial Risk

Risk Management (TTRISKWATCH) provides the basis for mathematically predicting risk. Use it to analyze...

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Intercompany reconciliation & netting

Our advanced "agreement driven" intercompany netting and reconciliation process automatically matches intercompany invoices and provides an escalating dispute process to handle unreconciled transactions. This allows all invoices to be netted into a simple lump sum per-subsidiary, drastically reducing the cost and complexity of intercompany business, resulting in incredible simplification of your intercompany invoicing, and drastically reducing your working capital requirements and FX transactions.

And thanks to the lack of per-user license fees, no company has to be left out.


Combining Intercompany Payments into a Single Amount

Multilateral Netting (ICNETTING) handles the second half of the intercompany netting and reconciliatio...


Intercompany Reconciliation

The first step in intercompany reconciliation and netting, ICRECON provides the most advanced invoice ...


Structuring Intercompany Disputes

Dispute management (ICDISPUTE) handles cases where invoices cannot be reconciled.

An addition to reconc...


Reconcile Intercompany Balances

Intercompany Balances (ICBALANCES) makes child‘s play of the task of reconciliation of the intercomp...

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Third-party receivables management

The purpose of the third-party credit management module TPCREDIT is to monitor all subsidiary risks during the receivable's term as well as the overall financial relationship to your customers. Receivables risk for a particular customer can be small when measured one-to-one at each subsidiary, but if several of your group companies sell to different companies in another group the risk can easily get out of hand. Gathering the information required to assess this risk is easy using tm5. The central treasury controls the framework and the subsidiaries use the tool to make informed decisions about credit extensions, payment terms and the overall customer relationship.


Proactive Receivables Management

The proactive receivables management module (TPCREDIT) helps you control and reduce the losses of rece...

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Over 20 years of treasury consulting experience

  • Innovative
  • Thought-leaders
  • Developing operational and organizational structures
  • Strategic
  • Treasurers
  • Selecting banking partners
  • Introducing cash pools
  • Enabling Successful Treasury
  • Innovative solutions
  • Pragmatic
  • Foreign exchange risk hedging strategies

Better treasury solutions mean better treasury practices. That’s why we provide BELLIN treasury consultants, who share the knowledge, experience and technical expertise to make your treasury more flexible, efficient and connected.

Our consultants provide the treasury management models to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and reinvigorate your treasury.

Step up to treasury that moves you

Treasury management without limits

  • Proactive
  • Time-drive dispute management
  • Reconciliation of individual invoices
  • Group Wide
  • Contract Management
  • Hedge Accounting
  • Optimization of Intercompany Cash Flow
  • Value at Risk
  • Guarantees and Letters of Credit
  • Financial Status
  • Payments and Communication with Banks

You know treasury is a moving, changing, living part of your company. What is status quo one day is different the next, but it comes down to taking control, reducing the risks and making it seamless. BELLIN is an international leader in advanced treasury system solutions.


Because when a system for treasurers is made by treasurers it’s intuitive, flexible and connected. It takes the guesswork out to let treasurers excel.

It’s time for better solutions. It’s time for treasury that moves you.

We will revolutionize your treasury

Designed to exceed your Treasury Management support needs.

  • Market Data
  • ISO 27001 certified hosting
  • Data centers in Germany, Switzerland and North America
  • SWIFT Connectivity
  • Treasury and technical experts
  • Own your data

BELLIN offers a number of services to expand and support your treasury efforts, including expanded hosting options, SWIFT connectivity, market data and more.

Find out why treasurers world wide trust BELLIN and tm5 with their treasury.

Prepare for a better treasury