Linking Treasury and Accounting


The accounting module (TTGL) connects your treasury and financial accounting departments.

Through the formation of accounting records, booking records can be automatically exported from tm5 and processed into any ERP/accounting system.

  • Transfer booking entries for cash flow postings and monthly valuations and/or accruals
  • Hedge accounting entries under IAS39 and IFRS7 including automated creation of accounting records
  • Assignment and transfer of accrued interest, interest statements and reviews

Straight-through Processing

Data about FX deals done through tm5 can be automatically combined with financial status or liquidity planning reports, granting treasurers a more extensive view of the financial standing of their group.

Bloomberg Market Data Converter

Easily convert Bloomberg Data License files into the tm5 market data file type, letting you import and access data on six million instruments from more than 4,000 sources.