Letters of Credit Management


The Letters of Credit module (TTLC) manages letters of credit and corresponding sales and shipments, assisting you with position keeping, due dates and statistics. It also enables electronic ordering of letters of credit, reducing paperwork and enabling visibility of all letters of credit companywide.

  • Full integration with all other tm5 modules.
  • Straight-through processing of related cash flows and balances in tm5's liquidity management (LM) module.
  • Coordination with liquidity planning and financial status reporting to show credit line utilization.
  • Electronic processing via SWIFT, replacing paper-based processes.

Straight-through Processing

Data about FX deals done through tm5 can be automatically combined with financial status or liquidity planning reports, granting treasurers a more extensive view of the financial standing of their group.

Bloomberg Market Data Converter

Easily convert Bloomberg Data License files into the tm5 market data file type, letting you import and access data on six million instruments from more than 4,000 sources.