Cash Management


Cash Management (LMCASH) handles all of your short-term cash management. Users can process electronic bank statements in various formats (e.g. MT940, BAI), compare planning data with account statements, review account balances by various criteria, and determine optimal cash forecasts. LMCASH is the tool for daily cash management.

  • Process account statements in multiple formats.
  • Reconcile planning data with account transactions.
  • Plan and manage cash pools.
  • Manually or automatically create account transfers.
  • Manage intercompany accounts automatically and generate interest scales.
  • Complete in-house banking functionality.

In-House Banking

Gain groupwide visibility of your liquidity, currency transactions and trade needs - then implement intercompany cash pooling and global payment structures for better, more effective cash management. For subsidiaries this means better rates, fewer fees and savings on cross-border deals. For central treasury, this means enhanced visibility of corporatewide financial health, allowing more effective cash management and greater overall liquidity.

Domestic, Cross-border, Multi-bank and Multi-country Payments

Our payment solution spans banks, countries, and accounting systems. With it you can import accounts payable data from multiple accounting systems, allowing subsidiaries to manage their own payments, while providing visibility and final approval to central treasury. And with tm5's powerful user management system, you can assign rights and constraints across all payers, across all banks, simplifying records and auditing.