Proactive Receivables Management


The proactive receivables management module (TPCREDIT) helps you control and reduce the losses of receivables from third parties.

By tracking all receivables from third parties groupwide, TPCREDIT permits analysis of each third party's payment history, giving you the ability to tell when third parties may be at risk of delinquency before it happens. At a subsidiary level, with few trades between yourself and the third party, it can be hard to tell if they are at risk, but by sharing this information companywide, such patterns become apparent. This allows you to dramatically reduce day's sales outstanding and even the loss of receivables from third parties.

  • Monitor each client's risk for the duration of the receivable.
  • Calculate the amount of risk in your receivables portfolio.
  • Gain a financial view of overall client relations.
  • Evaluate your own group's risk vis-a-vis the client group.
  • Define and manage risk limits centrally or decentrally.