BELLIN Connect

Treasury management to go: clear-cut mobile working and airtight security
BELLIN Connect

We all work in a fast-paced and taxing business environment that calls for shrewd and secure processes and agile decisions. Your treasury management system supports you with complete information and a wealth of efficient processes. But sometimes all you really need is the essence. Frequently, your financial challenges no longer play out behind a desk but in transit between business meetings or on your way to and from work. Or you are simply the one in charge of making that final decision based on the data gathered by your trusted team. On top of your agenda: mobile access to clearly presented information, the ability to focus on specific processes, and most importantly the knowledge that all your data and all your processes are secure!

To keep things moving while on the go, you need a dedicated tool designed to address all the pressure points of remote working and mobile access. We give you BELLIN Connect!

What does BELLIN Connect do?

BELLIN Connect offers various functionalities designed to facilitate remote working and to boost security. A straightforward interface presents data clearly, selection and configuration options are streamlined and processes targeted and accessible.


BELLIN Connect Reporting
  • Financial status including status reports
    You have direct access to your financial status, including real time status reports, so you can make those crucial decisions wherever you are.
BELLIN Connect Payment Authentification
  • Payment authorization
    The app enables you to split authorization processes between different devices and could revolutionize your payments approval process.
BELLIN Connect 2FA
  • Two-factor Authentication
    Two-factor Authentication is best practice in system security. This add-on feature requiring two separate devices to access the system will add another level of security to your login process.
BELLIN Connect Messaging
  • tm5 messaging
    Receive push notifications on individual alerts for all your crucial tm5 information anytime and anywhere.

BELLIN Connect enables you to get the insight you need to make decisions, to act on data and to move your tasks forward using your mobile device. The app makes it easier to access treasury data remotely and focuses on the most critical tasks and reports you need when you are on the go. What’s more, it adds another crucial layer of security to all your processes.

You benefit from:

  • Faster access to key data
  • Advanced security measures
  • Reports designed for mobile use
  • Functionality designed for mobile

Take BELLIN with you when you’re on the move.

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