Interest, Currencies & Commodities

Facilitating your international treasury trade activities

Every day, you facilitate your company’s international trade activities by engaging in a number of financial instruments from letters of credit to guarantees, FX instruments or commodities. What’s more, you pit yourself against the risks associated with international trade. In turn, BELLIN facilitates the management of all your trade finance needs and treasury transactions and helps you rise to the occasion when it comes to making risks manageable.

The tm5 Interest, Currencies & Commodities module, TT, manages treasury trades and all related instruments and risks. Record and analyze deals, enter and maintain contracts, evaluate and calculate cash flows, and optimize your group’s risk management strategy. You are always on top of your trading needs and can handle issues of non-payment, creditworthiness or currency fluctuations with ease, cover solvency and liquidity at all times, and protect your company against any risks presented by international trade.


Your go-to component for treasury transactions

International trade can be complex and involve a number of financial instruments and contracts. We know that keeping track of internal needs and activities and external circumstances can be tricky. This is why we make it simple to document, manage and evaluate all your treasury transactions. From quotation through contract conclusion and confirmation to payment execution, credit lines or limits and even collateral and covenants, TTCONTRACT is your go-to component for managing all your treasury transactions.


  • Manage positions, maturities and statistics
  • Mirror front office, middle office and back office structures
  • Demonstrate and calculate competitive bids
  • Evaluate market data and market scenarios
  • Report due dates, contracts, fixing dates and much more
  • Receive integrated email notifications with the tm5 event calendar
  • Process intercompany trades
  • Leverage straight-through processing for settlement
  • Transmit payments to your bank

Trade platform integration made easy

Where do you go to engage in trade activities and process treasury transactions with external parties? To the various dedicated trading platforms that represent the international trade finance market places. With the tm5 trading platform component, we make sure that you have integrated access to these platforms without ever leaving the comfort of your TMS “home.” We enable transactions through external trading platforms such as 360T, Bloomberg and FXall and also offer integration with BELLIN’s own intercompany trading platform, TTCONTRACT.


  • Benefit from fully integrated trading platform access
  • Create records for easy auditing
  • Include complete and transparent documentation
  • Make internal processes transparent
  • Ensure well-documented, consistent and secure trades between group companies
  • Find support for your in-house bank
  • Avoid conflicts regarding values and duration

Entering the paperless era of bank and corporate guarantees

Paper-based processes have no place in today’s fast-paced treasury world. Corporate and bank guarantees are no exception! Eliminate paperwork and use the tm5 guarantees component to apply for, record and manage all your guarantees. You have full visibility over the status of all guarantees group-wide and benefit from fully integrated, easy-to-use electronic requests and confirmations. Fees are calculated automatically and transferred to cash man­agement for monitoring. TTGUARANTEE supports intercompany processing of guarantees on behalf of.

  • Manage all your guarantees
  • Enjoy comprehensive reporting
  • Have a detailed overview of bank, group and received guarantees
  • Apply for guarantees electronically and replace paper-based processes
  • Receive automated email reminders, for example on due dates or dates of validity
  • Automate fee calculation
  • Combine guarantee and cash management data
  • Enable cost transfer to intercompany accounts and settle fees across bank accounts

Bridging the gap between treasury and accounting

The relationship between treasury and accounting departments can be as sensitive as it is critical. TTGL lets you bridge the gap and connect the two vital financial departments by creating accounting records and enabling the automatic export of booking records from tm5 to be processed in any ERP/accounting system. Prepare your data for accounting and ensure its smooth transfer, enabling record reconcilia­tion for valuations or deferred interest.

  • Transfer booking entries for cash flow postings and monthly valuations and/or accruals
  • Assign and transfer accrued interest, interest statements and reviews

Go paperless and effortless with your letters of credit

Take the management of your letters of credit (LCs) and related sales and shipments to the next level! With the tm5 letters of credit component, you manage all your LC needs directly in tm5, assisting you with position keeping, due dates and statistics. Paperless management of letters of credit? Absolutely! Say goodbye to paper-based applications and order letters of credit electronically directly in tm5 and have them confirmed by banks, reduce paperwork and enable group-wide visibility. This includes fee cal­culation and commercial cash flows and your data is fully integrated in credit line utilization or cash management.

  • Manage the import and export of LCs
  • Benefit from full integration with all other tm5 modules
  • Order and process LCs electronically and replace paper-based processes
  • Enjoy straight-through processing of related cash flows and balances in tm5’s liquidity management (LM) module
  • Coordinate with liquidity planning and financial status reporting to show credit line utilization

No risk, more fun – mathematical analysis of financial risk

Engaging in trade activities can be risky business. You are putting your company out there! But no need to despair in the face of the various risks associated with international trade. The tm5 risk management component provides you with a mathematical basis for predicting risk and making it manageable. Use it to analyze interest and currency risk changes and fluctuations in commodity values and determine the impact they may have on your cash flows.

  • Display interest rate developments for variable financial instruments
  • Analyze market value deltas reflecting different exchange rate, interest rate or commodity cost scenarios
  • Evaluate at-risk models based on different parameters such as confidence intervals or holding times
  • Conduct scenario analyses based on different exchange rates, interest rates or commodity prices
  • Calculate sensitivities or Value at Risk

Enable international trade – enable your treasury.

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