Liquidity Management

Real-time, company-wide liquidity management

Take control of all cash management processes, know the balance on every account and manage assets and debt. Speedy access to data that can be measured on a granular level has never been more vital for effective liquidity management. Our social treasury model leverages Software as a Service (SaaS) to deliver a complete snapshot of a company’s financial health. We make this possible with our tm5 software that assures cash flow transparency, accurate positioning and forecasting across the corporate group and at individual subsidiaries. With this information at your fingertips you can say goodbye to laborious data collection, time-consuming reporting and data consolidation processes.


Cash management and financial status: active, company-wide current account planning

Enjoy complete transparency of your cash flow and liquidity status. We believe treasury works best when subsidiaries take control of daily cash management. Our technology harmonizes current account planning across every business entity. LMCASH lets you process electronic bank statements, review account balances and optimize cash forecasts. We know you need the balance information on every account, wherever it is located.

  • Process account statements in multiple formats
  • Reconcile planning data with account transactions
  • Plan and manage cash pools
  • Receive notifications from users located in any jurisdiction when they have uploaded their work
  • Create intercompany payments on a manual or automatic basis
  • Manage intercompany accounts automatically
  • Set up in-house banking


The LMCASH financial status section processes the global cash and contract data available within tm5, allowing you to generate real-time reports for all transactions and balances. This gives you a complete overview of your corporate group’s liquidity, providing information such as credit line utilization, use of securities, cash flow analysis (e.g. for balance sheet notes), and more.


  • Do without any requirements for the manual entry of data: our tm5 software takes a deep dive into your corporation’s data and pulls out the key numbers you need to measure the bottom line
  • Build different dimensions into your financial reporting to match the unique composition of your business
  • View a group-wide picture of financial status in real time
  • Complete complex analyses via a central reporting section
  • Obtain key financial status data – including credit line utilization, cash flow analysis and use of securities – via our reporting function

Payments: a disruptive global banking hub

We let you make transactions in four dimensions: LMPAYMENT handles multi-country and multi-bank processing of both domestic and cross-border payments. Our payment infrastructure has processed transactions worth trillions of euros.

  • Our platform for managing group payments and account statements can be configured in a central or decentralized format
  • Our intuitive payment methods are simple and easy to use
  • Be flexible in how payments are processed: our system lets you send single or bulk payments in a variety of formats
  • We adapt payment authorization processes to meet the rules and structure of your organization
  • Ensure security is watertight with centralized user management
  • Our centrally managed messaging system lets you exchange data with banks anywhere, at any time
  • Make secure transactions via our payment gateway that meets the highest security and compliance standards
  • Choose from a variety of compliant global communication channels, including internationally recognized standards such as EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard), host-to-host and SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)

Liquidity planning - keep an eagle eye on the future

Cash is king. LMPLANNING assures effective future cash flow planning. Our technology lets you make short-term or long-term liquidity forecasts across all subsidiaries in the corporate group. Be prepared for all eventualities.

  • Make use of scenario planning via detailed financial reports that enable you to stay on top of cash flow management
  • Generate payment forecasts in different transaction currencies
  • Define your individual planning categories
  • Conduct plan comparisons
  • Use your own capacity for effective planning, whether it be a matter of days – or years – into the future
  • Consolidate planning data across all subsidiaries within your corporate group
  • Use a reconciliation matrix to resolve intercompany conflicts
  • Aggregate liquidity planning on a group-wide level
  • Calculate hedging ratios and your company’s refinancing strength based on any possible scenario.

You can stop tediously chasing data. Inject strategy and transparency into your liquidity management now.

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